Things that make me go hmmm!

Things that make me go hmmm!

In a happy way, natch. I’ve been shopping today (when I could finally log into SL, it was quite broken earlier!) and had rather a fab time! I quickly zoomed over to check out N21 where I spied (and bought, obviously) this GLORIOUS off-the-shoulder leather jacket from SABOTAGE  It’s well detailed and textured and makes for a great foundation for an edgy, urban look.  I teamed it with some new cosmetics from PINK FUEL  which work beautifully with my ‘Skin Of the Week’, Blair, from AMARA BEAUTY @ SHINY SHABBY Back to PF, I’m a huge fan of Mochi’s work and her newly released lipstick series shows why she’s one of the most well-respected and loved the skin and makeup creators in Second Life.  They just work, you know? I had to get the matte red palette and I’m so glad I did, my lips look luscious in this fiery shade. I teamed it with some smokey eyeshadow, also from PINK FUEL. One of the pleasures of Mochi’s work is that the appliers often look like real life cosmetic palettes, and that just adds an extra element to virtually wearing them. My eyeshadow in this picture is ‘Cuff’ from the ‘Smokey Boudoir’ palette; which in my opinion is the equivalent of having an Urban Decay palette in SL.  These cosmetics aren’t cheap at L$380 per palette but hey, if you want quality you need to pay for it, right? Last but not least is another N21 find, this little ‘Heart Lock’ necklace from E.MARIE.  E.MARIE is a new-to-me brand, having only encountered them once before at an event (and buying what I saw there very quickly too!) but it’s a name I’ll not be in a hurry to forget, having visited the main store I can tell that it’s going to become one of my favourite brands due to a fabulous combination of eye and nail appliers and jewellery.  (Check out the ‘Throwback’ and ‘Best Friends’ bracelets in store!)

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