Kitty’s Raves & Faves: ‘Torsion Moon Clock’ by Candle & Cauldron

Kitty’s Raves & Faves: ‘Torsion Moon Clock’ by Candle & Cauldron

This weekend sees the beginning of the Fall 2017 ‘Spoonful Of Sugar’ Festival, supporting Medecins Sans Frontieres (‘Doctors Without Borders’)  The festival will run from Saturday, September 16th through to Sunday, October 1st, and promises to be an exceptional Autumn themed event.

One of this blog’s favorite Second Life brands, ‘Candle & Cauldron’ will have two fabulous items available for purchase. One is a fantastic ‘Night Magic’ Frame (If you’re a fan of the musical ‘Wicked’ you may find this hard to resist) and the other is this outstanding ‘Torsion Moon Clock’

I cannot get enough of this clock; it’s available in gold and silver finishes and features a glass dome covering a moon with witches circling beneath. The detail is great and the moon phases are completely accurate too, making this a very special piece not just for Halloween but year round. I’m completely in love with it!

I don’t have the details on hand for when the event opens or the location but as soon as I do have them I’ll update this blog post because you don’t want to miss out. Medecins Sans Frontieres perform such important work, and this is definitely an event that deserves our support.

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