Season of the Witch is NOW OPEN!

Season of the Witch is NOW OPEN!

SEASON OF THE WITCH has finally opened in Second Life, and fluff me guys and gals, it’s pretty much everything I’d dreamed of!

Now that I’ve finished my RL shift cycle I’ve finally logged in-world and visited the sim to assess what’s there to see, buy and ultimately enjoy.  It really is an experience to be savoured, that’s for sure; the sim is an absolute delight to wander around and take photographs, and the wares that are on display are a treat.  There’s clothing, props, gachas and jewellery galore and the experience is infused with a bohemian vibe.

You can practically smell the wood smoke of the campfires, hear the crunch of the leaves underfoot and taste Autumn in the air.  The music that’s playing at the sim only serves to enhance the experience too, and I confess that I could quite happily move in and live there! (Now THERE’S a thought, someone needs to make a residential sim with this vibe, come on, I’d rent from you if you did!) I’m amazed I didn’t bump into the cast of American Horror Story: Coven or even Stevie Nicks as I strolled from store to store, eyeing up all the goodies on sale, but there were certainly plenty of lookalikes and gorgeous witches at the event enjoying themselves.

If you get overwhelmed by all the shopping then there’s plenty of space to take a seat and cam shop should you so wish, and it was very tempting to sit rooted amongst the soft furnishings and candles for the afternoon, just enjoying the vibes while the Nag Champa smouldered in the background.

For an event to offer so much promise and actually deliver is no mean feat, and as you can tell I’m enjoying myself immensely there, and can pretty much guarantee that I’ll be visiting the sim as frequently as I’m able until the event ends on November 4th.

I’ll share all my findings with you here on Kittywitchin’, obviously! It’s the event this blog was made to feature really (it’s only taken ten years for it to appear!)

Congratulations to Melora Frost, Amaryllis Oona and Joonie Jatho and all the designers and bloggers involved in this wonderful event!

Wanna go visit? HERE’S YOUR TAXI!!

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