Review Policy

TL;DR: Send it to me. If I like it, I’ll blog it. Simple, no?

Well, OK, here’s a more long-winded version of my Review Policy.


I’ve been asked by a few people what my policy is for review items and I’ve been spurred on to include a finite copy of my review guidelines.  Basically it boils down to this: if you have any items that you would like me to review then I’d be chuffed to do so, BUT please understand that not everything I am sent is guaranteed to be blogged although of course I will try my best!

I’ve covered loads of designers and events such as Skin Fair, Hair Fair and Relay For Life over the years, to name but a fraction of the occasions that I’ve written about on these pages. I’m a total prim mesh whore so I’ll review most objects (within reason!) In particular I like reviewing furniture as well as skins and clothes but I also review jewelry, builds and furniture, modelling poses and anything else *including* the kitchen sink!

My rule of thumb is “If it’s relevant to the Second Life metaverse, then it’ll be relevant to Kittywitchin’ readers too”

Of course I have my own personal preferences for items that I think will be the ‘best fit’ for me and my blog, so for the record I’ll list them here and this may help you when deciding to send me items to feature…

  • As far as clothing goes I’ll wear anything but I’m especially keen on nice lingerie, separates (coats, jumpers, jackets,skirts, tees etc) and boots generally in preference to shoes.
  • If it’s hair that you’re sending me then  I’m always interested in variations on my signature bobbed hairstyle, although I’ve been started experimenting with longer styles in recent months and find them rather fabulous. My favourite hair colours tend more towards the darker end of the spectrum, but I absolutely adore ombres (who doesn’t?)
  • I like Autumnal shades rather than pastels.  Personal preference shouldn’t really play a part in a review I know, BUT I don’t think I could give you an honest opinion if I was dressed up like a fondant fancy. I’d be far too busy vomiting due to my candy pink allergy.
  • If you’re unsure, check the blog! It’s been around since 2007 (YIKES!!)

If you decide to send me review items, you can follow the guidelines below if you wish:

1. Folders are super useful and appreciated.   For super safety, call your folder  ’For Review’ followed by submission date and your store name, please.

2. Please include a notecard, with all the essential details on it for inclusions such as:

*Name of the store & designer(s)
*Name of the outfit/hairstyle/object/building/small Patagonian mammal
*Link to your blog- I can then include you on my blogroll, which is nice.
*Anything else that you want to include.

3. Send me the folder via my profile.  Easy, no?

Of course, you don’t have to adhere to these guidelines but they do make reviews a lot easier to manage.  I’ll respond as quickly as I can, usually within 24-48 hours.

If you’re worried that I haven’t reviewed your product and that time period has elapsed drop me an e-mail 

Alternatively, you can IM me; but I get flooded with ’stuff’ every day and am *very* easily distracted.

NOTE: Sending me items does not guarantee a review, but I’ll try my very best.

As well as reviews I like to document my adventures in-world on this blog, and I’m always happy to hear about any  events that  you may have planned, so please feel free to share your news with me.

I’m also always extremely happy to give in-world fundraising a mention upon these pages, charitable soul that I am, but please give me at least a weeks notice so that I can get the post written.

Please note that if your item(s) are blogged you will be featured on this blog AND my Kittywitchin’ Facebook Page.

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