Guys, meet Elvis.  Well actually, I’ve renamed him ‘Velvet Elvis’, after the fantastic hit by Alex Winston (one of my faves) but anyway, Elvis is a rocking reindeer, so what else could you call him? He’s available to buy from KAERRI at the 2013 Christmas Expo for Relay For Life.

ImageThere are some great items in the store which have a really kitsch and nostalgic vibe to them, and she’s contributing a lovely wee sofa and dwelling to the Relay For Life cause too.

THISTLE HOMES have released a very simple, yet effective decoration at the event which is this fabulous wall décor in the shape of a tree.

ImageIt’s called ‘Flourish’, and is available in a couple of different colour schemes; a more traditional red and green and a beautiful modern purple and blue.  It looks incredibly effective on the wall, as I hope my picture proves. It’s a great modern alternative to an actual tree (although everywhere you look at the Expo you’ll find trees, so you can rest assured you’ll find the perfect one for your abode!)



Christmas Expo 2013 – The Atelier Visconti Set Vanite


‘Shabby Chic’ is one of those looks that it is incredibly difficult to get just right. You can end up with a room that looks more shabby than chic for starters, and finding just the right items can be a nightmare. There are lots of fans of this interior styling in-world, and they are guaranteed to squeal with delight when they see this beautiful new release from ATELIER VISCONTI. 

This is the Atelier Visconti Set Vanite, and it will be available at the Christmas Expo 2013. The set includes a large, comfortable chair with matching pouffe and an exceptionally elegant console table.  The detailing on the console is just sublime; it’s a real work of art. The collection is accessorised with a number of bird cages (one static, one hanging), some embroidery prints, an exceptionally cute alarm clock  and a rug to finish.

Every single piece in this collection is textured and shaded exquisitely and is materials ready,  but then again, what would you expect from Stephan Visconti? He’s a designer with great skill and flair, and this is exactly the kind of quality furniture that we’ve come to expect from him. 

The carpet, pouffe, chair and chair cushions can be retextured via HUD so that you can mix and match for your perfect look. There are a number of vibrant colours and patterns to pick from; the red and white selection is especially festive for this time of year. Of course there are poses installed in the furniture too; singles and couples poses that work really well and the cuddles are very nice indeed. It’s a very cosy, stylish and ultimately pretty set that will look great in your home, and can be purchased, as I mentioned before, at the 2013 Christmas Expo 2013 in support of Relay for Life of Second Life and the American Cancer Society.


This will be the 3rd annual Expo and will open on Thursday, December 5th, 2013 at 10am slt, and will end at 10am slt on Sunday, December 15th.  It promises to be a fantastic event, with four regions of Christmas celebrations in a Victorian style. There will be shopping from over 50 vendors (including Stephan, obviously), and you can even visit Santa to have your picture taken! If you’d like a complete list of activities that will be taking place, check out the official blog.  I’ll also be featuring some selections from the event on these pages too, so stay tuned.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, have you noticed?