The Battle Of The Breedables Part 2…

Amaretto, the horse company have responded to the Ozimals statement and you can read it here:

I’ve been thinking even more about the Amaretto v Ozimals drama. It’s hard not to, now that Hamlet Au (  and Tateru Nino ( bloggers both (Perhaps THE most esteemed) have followed my lead and covered the issue on their blogs. (I jest of course, it’s impossible NOT to write about it).
You would be foolish to think that the breedable community, whatever their choice of pet,  are not starting to worry. Look at the comments section for my previous post on this matter for evidence of that.  The grid is awash with rumour and hearsay and as Hamlet so rightly pointed out in his blog-post, this case could have huge ramifications elsewhere, not just in Second Life.It does make me wonder what Linden Labs are thinking about all this right now; and whilst I don’t think it will be blind panic, I do think they will be very concerned by the matter.
Why? Well, as I mentioned before, breedable pets rake in the Linden dollars (and then some), and Linden Labs would be sure to see a fall in profits if they were to completely vanish from the grid.  I’m not just talking about from commission charged on Lindex purchases etc either (obviously you need to buy Lindens to buy the pets, their foodstuffs and assorted peripherals in the first place) but supplementary income, such as the fees charged through the Second Life marketplace. It’s a fact that when people buy breedables they like to buy accessories: with horses that’s meant the finest stables and saddles, with bunnies that’s meant hutches and vegetable patches, and with cats so far it’s been baskets, scratching posts and even special Christmas cat sleighs..I kid you not.

Each purchase on the marketplace means money in the pockets of our ‘evil overlords’ and THIS is why I don’t actually think there is any point in panicking about this issue, not just yet at least. It is going to take an age to sort out, not just because it is going through the court system, but because in these trying times any potential loss of revenue for Linden Labs is something that they will surely fight virtual tooth and nail against.
Please keep your comments coming on this topic. I”m especially interested to know if this is going to impact the way you continue with your breeding programmes. (I’ll make my own thoughts on that clear over the coming weekend.) (Note- apologies for the long links that I’m having to include in text at the moment, for some bizarre reason I cannot use hyperlinks since WordPress implemented a recent change..just copy and paste in the old fashioned way for your browsing pleasure:)