Kitty the forest fairy…..

..yet another look using the Gritty Kitty Faders hair that I blogged about earlier, BUT that’s not the main reason for the post, no siree:)
This time I want to draw your attention to the skin I’m wearing. It’s called ‘Fairy’s Smile Skin’ ( hence the get up) and is blinking wonderful.

It’s an amazing skin for a number of reasons, but the face is just utterly perfect on this one. For starters, the lips are completely luscious and give the appearance of being moist, due to exemplary colouring and bang on highlighting. Proper poutworthy! The eyes are framed with lashes with wee bobbles on the end of each one, adding to the ethereal look, and they frame the eyes perfectly. There’s a light shade to the lid, and subtle contouring on the chops. It’s a GOBSMACKER of a find for 0L. The other nice part about this is I’d never heard of the brand ‘My Ugly Dorothy’ ( inspired huh?) until it was blogged by FabFree earlier, but now that I have, I know that it’s one to watch very carefully in future.

Incidentally, FabFree has blogged this skin, and three others, in their latest post and all of them are worth checking out. In fact the frock I’m wearing in this picture is from Coquette– I picked it up when I followed Fab Free’s lead on the free Kat skin that you can get by joining the group (See oh sometimes cynical reader, freebies DO work!) Again, I hadn’t heard of Coquette of until I read FabFree’s post.

All in all then a successful evening in the forest glade if you ask me!
Now then, off to pester some pixies and twat some goblins…