It’s the last day of Second Pride 2010

…and it’s been a roaring success.

Why not come and enjoy the last day in style,  in the esteemed company of gorgeous girls and boys dancing to FOUR HOURS OF CHOONS from DJ Cyberpink herself, aka Amanda Shinji?

There’s a crowd building up already…here’s your taxi!

Kittylicious! Amanda Shape

If you’re after a funky tomboy shape that looks great in baggies, tatts and bracers then I think I’ve got *just* the shape for you!

In actual fact, I’ve been planning this shape for a while, and I’m really pleased with the result. It’s inspired by my BB Amanda Shinji, aka Miss Cyberpink..and I’m pretty sure she’ll shit herself when she sees this..hee hee!  If you’ve never met her let me start by telling you that Mands is the coolest person I know in SL.  Not only that she’s been my rock since Dee passed.   She’s done such a lot for me too..she saved me from losing my virtual home for a start. It must sound strange, but even though I have no idea what she looks like in RL, nor have I ever heard her voice, I can say hand on heart that she is 100% the best friend I never thought I’d ever have after losing Dee. That left such a gap, and although Dee could never be replaced I’ve found a friendship just as rewarding, fun and absolutely vital to me..aren’t I lucky? Mands is in a lot of ways my polar opposite, yet don’t you find that it’s often the differences that often make friendships and relationships work so well?  What we do share, we share so well: a love of dance music and cats, movies and motorsports amongst other things. I’m so pleased she’s found a wonderful partner in Sable Sunset and it really does make me so proud when I hear her dropping some phat beats down at Republik!

Anyways, enough flannel..if you’re after a funkalicious shape to wear down the club in world this one is DEFO the choice you should make.  Amanda features subtle curves and norks that won’t poke your eyes out.  The body is well proportioned with lovely legs and a hint of the athletic.  I’ll be putting her on sale very soon, and she’ll be on offer at L$50 for a limited period:) I’m wearing her with LAQ skin here and I think she looks bloody lovely..just like the real deal!

Shinjles, this one is for you babes- with lots of love from me, and a heartfelt thank you for everything you do xxx