A Fond Farewell To Emerald….

A Fond Farewell To Emerald….

Emerald, once the shiny, dazzling viewer of choice by so many has had it’s eternally green glow dulled permanently by news that the plug has been pulled upon the project.

To be honest, alarm bells started ringing last week when Linden Labs announced that it was removing Emerald from its list of accredited viewers; however I personally didn’t see a total end to Emerald looming on the horizon at all. I mean, why would I? If it wasn’t for Emerald Second Life  would have been without a vast number of  residents; it made the Second Life experience so much better for so many people that Linden Lab must have been sorely fiucked off with the way it pissed over their own viewer.

I mean, look at the things it could do…Not least of all..it made your boobies bounce. AWESOME.

In all seriousness, the demise of the Emerald viewer is a sad day in Second Life history, BUT it’s an opportunity for other teams of developers to work together and create the kind of viewer the rich Second Life environment so desperatley needs, and truly deserves. Because of course, Phil back or not, Linden Labs sure as hell aren’t going to do it. I mean, what is the biggest innovation they’ve come up with in recent weeks? Erm, a new way of titling your avatar? HELLOO?!!! FFS like THAT’S a priority!

Of course, you could be pardoned for thinking that this is an opportunity that Linden Labs should relish, after all the King is dead..long live the King and all that, but nah..don’t hold your breath.

Linden Lab can’t come close to Emerald’s glory yet, and a LOT of people blame LL for Emerald’s demise.  Heck, people are cancelling premium accounts in protest..I wonder if the lab can remember what positive feedback feels like? They haven’t had any for years is how it feels….

Until then, let’s remember Emerald with a tear in our eye, a lump in our throat and tick the box for another missed opportunity for Second Life’s greatness. Sigh.