If you’re a furry in Second Life, then you’ll LOVE this..

Ok, I’m not a furry, but I know people who are and fair play to them. In fact, if furries were in real life and were as HOT as some of the stars of this video, well, you get my drift…

Right, I’m off to buy some Orangina and get hairy! ( What do you mean I am already? Cheeky!)

Support your local Furry!

Check out The Avastar this week, as the lead story suggests that furries are in decline.  I really hope not.  The grid would be such a boring place without the colour and originality that furries bring to our virtual world, and the fact that that Luskwood, a beautiful place if you’ve never been, gets griefed on a daily basis saddens me no end.  I have a fair few friends who indulge in furriness and it makes not a jot of difference to our personal relationships, so why the big deal?  It’s amazing isn’t how just like in RL there are those who believe that certain groups and movements should be  suppressed and driven into extinction or driven underground. It’s utterly pathetic.  I’m confident that we’re not witnessing furry genocide though..remember these guys have teeth and claws and DO fight back. Offer your support, I swear if you visit Luskwood you’ll have an amazing time.  Engage a local in conversation, say ‘Hi’, in fact even better offer them a hug and just show them that you care.  Second Life would be a poorer place without them.