A Jolly Good Read

I was going to write an EPIC blog-post tonight of such absolutely gargantuan proportions that it would have become known as  ‘..the best blog post ever written about Second Life..’

Unfortunately, I am way too tired to achieve this epic feat that would surely have bagged me metaversal fortune and glory.

My left eyeball is doing that strange twitching thing it insists on doing when I need my bed, and my right eye is practically asleep of its own accord.  Fortunately, I can retire early and take some quality Second Life reading material up to Bedfordshire with me. I have two selections to share with you..

My first choice is the latest edition of STYLE KINGDOM.  This esteemed publication is celebrating its second anniversary, and the issue is absolutely bursting at the virtual seams with awesome. There’s so much work that has gone into producing this magazine with sensational photography on practically every page. I am really taken with the Fall fashion feature, beginning on page 45, which showcases some fabulous must-have items for both genders. It’s a really excellent collection of practical and stylish pieces, and is sure to make you hungry for virtual shopping. If you’re looking for style inspiration you’ll find it within these pages for sure.

The October edition of FUSION magazine is out now too, featuring a child avatar, Saddie Hurricane, on the cover. I think this could be a first for one of the more well-known magazines, and it’s good to see.  I enjoy the Halloween theme of the magazine, and it showcases some of the most popular Halloween haunts (excuse the pun!) that have been created in-world this year.  There’s a great photo review of Havenhollow, which offered all the fun of trick or treating without having to step outside into cold, dark reality. (It also provided some exceptional scares too, and has to be one of the most fun things that I’ve experienced In Second Life!) I also really like the Fall Living Room created for FUSION by Britain Knave. Check out the living room image featured on pages 58/59 and tell me that you wouldn’t want to be snuggled up there!

Right, pass me my cocoa. I’ve got my PJ’s on and I’m snuggled under the duvet ready to enjoy a relaxing read. Wanna join me?


Even when I can’t log-in to Second Life, I’m still seeking my fix of all things virtual.  At the moment in RL I’ve just started a new job, which has meant my time in-world has been slight, but through the power of internet publishing I can still get my pixel-fix by reading some of the many virtual publications that are out there.  

Some of them are truly amazing, with exceptionally high standards of photography and some great copy making them just as much fun to read as shop-bought glossy mags. In fact, I actually think they”re better, and of course they’re free!

 I like nothing better than curling up with my Ipad and a cup of tea and enjoying a read of some of the latest magazines.

Here are some that are currently on my reading list, why not check them out? 


First up is FEROSH, which is just that. This magazine features 452 (!) pages of virtual fashion inspiration, with some amazing photography and some fantastic imagery to behold. It’s an absolute feast for the eyes, and will probably make you want to go shopping immediately. My favourite feature is ‘Asian Inspiration’ that begins on page 50, but there’s so much to love about this magazine that it is incredibly hard to choose! I cannot recommend this one enough, make yourself a brew and settle down to see Second Life in a whole new way. I promise you will LOVE this.

Next we have ‘LTD-The Magazine’ which is the companion piece to the always amazing blog (which you MUST visit daily if you’re a fan of Second Life virtual interiors) The magazine is published bi-monthly, which is just as well, because it takes me so long to visit all the content creators featured each issue! This month is an absolute feast for the eyes. There’s a wonderful feature on a Kittywitchin’ fave, Atelier Visconti, and every single page will make you want to redecorate your virtual home again and again. I absolutely adore this publication, and when you consider it only launched in January it’s fast become the style bible for all things virtual home.

The May edition of STYLE KINGDOM is definitely worth a look if you love all things animal! They’ve gone for a really unique twist on Spring fashion, with models sporting animal prints and accessories galore. It’s really unusual and works really well and will leave you with the kind of longing that only an epic Second Life shopping trip will fix!   It’s the kind of magazine that you need to read with a notepad beside you so you can make a note of all the SLURL’s you’ll be visiting once you’ve finished.

FUSION Magazine is a well established favourite of mine, and each month has a great variety of articles and features with photographs that leave you drooling.  Well, they do me anyway! The May edition is no exception, check out the feature on Goatswood (starts on page 19), featuring photographs by Rylan Carling. It’s absolutely sensational and will make you want to investigate this RP sim immediately! There’s also a feature on ‘It All Starts With A Smile’ which was Kaelyn Alecto’s fabulous sim that gifted SL residents with a myriad of photography opportunities. Sadly the sim has closed, so this serves as a somewhat poignant but worthy reminder of an absolutely epic place.  There’s also a cracking inventory management series running that has given me a few ideas, and the ‘Get That Style’ feature is always a must see!

Last but most definitely not least is VISAGE.  This was a new one to me but has already become a favourite because I absolutely adore the layout of the magazine.  Unfortunately there are only 22 pages to enjoy, but that’s turns out that this production from Autumn Ashdene was for a university project. She asks that if we enjoy the magazine that we head on over to her Flickr page to comment, and I don’t know about you but I would really love to read this one on a regular basis, so please support Autumn in her endeavours and let’s hope to see more from VISAGE in future!

Do you have a favourite Second Life magazine that isn’t featured here?

Why not share it with us in the comments below!