Tesla makes Kitty go all Lalafoofoo!

I know I’ve blogged to infinity and beyond about Tesla, but quite frankly if she keeps producing such stupendous content then I’m going to keep blogging about it! She’s updated her FREE, yes FREE, ‘Elise Mary Jane Heels’ and they look *lovely*. They’re an essential in any SL girls wardrobe and were fantastic before, but now they are super-shiny and defined. You have to respect any in-world designer who creates items and gives them away for free, but when a designer revisits their freebie and refreshes it? Well, that’s some designer….Anyway, I was busily trying to think of an ensemble that would show these beauties in their best light. To be frank, you could probably just wear these and that would be enough, *but* not all of us want to air our pixels in public, so a fitting ensemble was definitely on the cards. Cue Lalafoofoo, where you’ll find separates that mix and match to perfection and are not only beautifully rendered but exceptionally reasonably priced to boot. The Henley top that I’m wearing is backless and detail on both the leggings and the top are more than adequate. The store is located within Celestial Studios, and when you read the associated blog you’ll discover that the designer is actually Starley’s sister! Good design skills must be genetic:) The ensemble is finished off with some colour change earrings from Lulu and a gorgeous hair rose from Essence.
A pretty, neat look:)