DON’T FORGET!! ‘Make Him Over’ hunt starts June 1st

Just a nudge to remind you all that this hunt starts very soon, and I cannot wait! Yes, I know it’s all for the boys but I’m going to get great pleasure seeing Jez and hopefully Leapylee participating in this one….

Read all about it HERE..the list of participants is plain astonishing…


Altogether now, “About bleeding time!”

Guys, you don’t have long to wait for a hunt that you can call your own! The ‘Make Him Over’ hunt will run from 1-30th June and is for FELLAS ONLY, and is being touted as featuring the very best of  SL menswear and all things chap-related.  This has been a long time coming don’t you think? Hunts are obviously the big grid-craze at the moment, but all of them have featured very few offerings for the boys.  ‘Make Him Over’ seeks to redress that balance, and I can’t wait to see what Jez will be lucky enough to uncover. Obviously this hunt is in the planning stage but if you’re interested visit the dedicated blog where you can find the organisers names and contact details should you wish to contribute.  When I first started in Second Life menswear was at best painful, but it’s come a long way (baby) since then with designers recognising that there are plenty of fashion conscious guys out there who want to look as good as the girls. It’s been tough finding fabulousness for Jez, but I can honestly say in the past 6 months I’ve noticed a huge change in the menswear offerings that are out there, and I hope as many designers as possible embrace the opportunity to feature their products in this hunt…I will of course be dragging dear Jezmond around it, so if you see a harrassed, frustrated looking she-avatar dragging a sobbing WoW character around the grid don’t worry, it’s just me:)