Merry Kittymas!

3102823965_547e8a734b_zI was going to create a new photo for Christmas this year, but I found this one from December 2008 and just had to use it again! 

Here’s wishing all the readers of Kittywitchin’ a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  I hope you are throughly spoiled rotten and receive everything you could possibly wish for. 

I’m going to have a wee break and then it’s back to blogging 2014 with gusto!

Merry Kittymas!


Seasons Greetings!

Dear Readers, THANK YOU for making 2008 such a huge success for me…Kittywitchin has gone from strength to strength and I couldn’t have done it without the support of many an esteemed designer and the love of my wonderful virtual family and friends…
The blog is probably going to be quiet for the next few days as I enjoy a festive break in real life, but fear not, I’ve *lots* planned for the new year!

Who knows how Second Life will fare in 2009? I’ve no idea, so why not stick with me and we’ll find out together eh?

Wishing you all a wonderfully relaxing Christmas with your loved ones,

Best Witches!

Kitty xxx