Julie from MIASNOW


I have fiddled about with the picture for basic effect ( I don’t have photoshop, I use Picmonkey, I’m a pauper:) BUT the shading and surface texture are what you find on this unusually defined skin. You get four tones in the pack, plus beauty marks, brows and lipsticks as well as a shape (but as always I prefer my own) As always demo, demo, DEMO. There are colourful skins, goth skins, freckled skins..lots of choice and super fun trying them all on:)

For L$100 you’d have to be soft in the head to miss out on these deals..take lots of Lindens and get ready to splurge! 

Details can be found on the blog here: http://miasnowinslblog.wordpress.com/  and HERE is your taxi…

Get Yourself A New Fella for L$100!

..but you can’t have this one; he’s mine:)

MIASNOW is having a sale this weekend on fatpacks of skins for both males and females; styles vary but most are a little, shall we say ‘left of centre’ to the normal grid skin-tastes.  And this is a good thing; it would be terribly boring if we all wandered around resplendent in the same skin wouldn’t it?

Anyway for L$100 various fatpacks of skins can be yours. In Jez’s case, that means ‘ADAM’, which includes 8 (count ’em!) options as well as shape. It’s ridiculous really, and a cracking good deal. There are some amazing skins for chaps included in a myriad of tones, as well as fantasy and Gothic inspired choices, so you’re doing yourself a huge disservice if you don’t go and investigate.

Oh, and yes there are some amazing girl’s skins in the sale too..check out ‘Fresh’ and indulge yourself, then splash out on the make-ups too! 

Miasnow is located at Two Moons Island. Happy Shopping!