Witchy Wednesdays- A Trip To ‘Prim Ordial’


Clever name huh?
Describing itself as a store that retails quality Wiccan goods and artefacts, ‘Prim Ordial’ offers subtle and refined wares. There is nothing flamboyant here; just simple honest to Goddess Wiccan fancy made with quality textures and great attention to detail. There are no textures here that will give you indigestion for example; there’s one particular shade of purple that is very popular with Pagan content creators and I always suffer when I see it…ahem, but it really was a relief to NOT find it here at all.
There is a limited collection of goods to buy in store, but each one is very good indeed, and great value for Linden. Everything is L$200 or less. The range is compact, but covers all the required basics: altars, candles, athames, wands, cauldrons and crystal balls. The store uses vendors, which can be a bit laggy, but be patient because the kit here is seriously worthy stuff. Dolly Vyper is the creator, and I can tell you very little about her because there isn’t much written on her profile, but I can tell you that she is very accomplished at what she does. Original works such as her wooden altar pentacle replete with candles, and her spectacular athames, either crystal-tipped or with a nice chunky handle, are excellent choices for purchase. These are clearly marked as decorative items and they would really enhance a ritual space. There are also 3 cauldrons to choose from with different animations in each, and a couple of lovely, simply animated crystal balls too. Prim efficiency is key here, but scrimping on prims does not mean scrimping on quality and finish. The altar bell for example is 2 prims and has a white ceramic glaze, embellished with a black pentacle. It’s simple and pretty and perfectly matches the sculpted chalices that are also available in a variety of designs.  There’s also a simple goddess statue which you can resize to make a perfect fit on any altar space.
Speaking of which, there is a variety of altars here and all of them are substantial numbers in a variety of finishes. My particular fave is the Wooden Pentacle Altar that is a mere 3 prims,including cloth, and would look the part kitted out with either the God and Goddess Candle Set, or the Elemental Candle Pack which features four coloured candles again with ceramic bases. You can mix and match to your hearts content in here, and I think a great idea would be for Dolly to make a ‘Wiccan Altar Basics’ pack using all her matching items because I’m sure it would be a big seller.
Personally, I believe the range may be particularly appealling to the male Pagan community in-world, due to the clean lines and non-fussy approach to design, but don’t be misled into thinking the range here is overtly masculine in any way. It’s not..so go and take a look, because this simple approach to design really worked for me and I think it will for you too.

Celebrating Imbolc in Second Life

Today February 2nd sees the celebration of Imbolc and fittingly enough, the weather is absolutely pants. No, the sun isn’t shining, but the rain is teeming down instead…thank goodness for Second Life then, allowing Pagans from all across the world to meet and celebrate the festival from the confines of their warm and dry homes.

Does celebrating a festival in world make it any less important? Nope, I don’t think so. Isn’t it the point that you are gathering with like-minded individuals, and that by making the effort you’re making it extra special? In fact, you could go as far as saying that such gatherings are all the more potent for the partcipants converge from all over the globe , all focused on the same intent…

How best to celebrate it then? Well I do know that ‘The Sacred Cauldron’ has prepared a sacred space and are holding an Imbolc ritual at 7pm SLT tonight. Be prompt! If you’re late you will NOT be allowed into the circle. ( You will be allowed to stand outside and watch) All are welcome, regardless of chosen path, and participants are asked to have prepared a notecard bearing a negative trait for banishment within the cauldron during the rite. Unfortunately, I’m working tonight so I cannot participate, but I’m sure that HPS Lillith Tammas will do a wonderful job.

If, like me, you cannot attend then why not do something by yourself in-world? If you have your own land this is easy to do, and making it even easier is this splendid altar from ‘The Picky Pagan‘ by Dixie Berliner, located at Witches Island. If you look a little further down this page you’ll note that I mentioned her work in my post about The Artemis Tavern, but since then she’s had a change around at her stores and the COMPLETE altar set that you see in this picture is just L$175! ( Previously she was offering the altar on it’s own at L$100, you had to buy the extras) Even better; you just rez and it’s ready..it’s about 44 prims but if you are prim-limited do what I do, de-rez a few items until after you’ve finished using the altar.I love the fact that she’s used the traditional colours of yellow and white for the candles, with white flowers and holly leaves in a bowl to be burned ( representing the passing of the Holly King) You’ll also see bread on the altar, and a Bridie Doll ( After Brigid,the virgin goddess who brings new life to the earth. She is known as Bride in Scotland) She is laid in her bed of woven wheat, ready to awaken..just like the Earth in the Northern hemisphere, which is on the brink of bursting into life. Once you’ve got your altar and if you’re stuck for ideas what to do, why not try this? ( Note, I’ve just discovered that if you click the altar it presents you with a beautiful Imbolc ritual poem, discovered that during my own working and it added a really lovely element to the proceedings)
Stand before your altar and consider what you want to achieve in 2010. Imbolc is a time for fertile thoughts and because it is associated with sacred fire, it’s a time to let the flame of inspiration lick your chops and stimulate new ideas. New beginnings peeps!
On your desk, beside your PC at dusk, light a tea light and dedicate it to the Celtic fire Goddess. This is going to represent new light penetrating the wintry darkness…If you want to burn some incense, some Sage would be good (this is a great t ime for smudging and cleansing, but that’s a tad more involved) . You can use this chant, taken from ‘The Cyber Spellbook’ By Sirona Knight and Patricia Telesco, as you light the flame (It’s a nice easy one)

“Bridget, Bridget, Brightest Flame, Bridget, Bridget, Sacred Name”.

Moving in-world I’ll have a cauldron beside my altar, where I will deposit a notecard with all the negative traits that I want to get rid of. I’ll also place a white candle upon the altar (I’m going to use one of the scripted L$99 candles from ‘Bell & Broom’ that I blogged yesterday for this) By the time my short ritual is over I’ll be starting my real life night-shift, but I’ll be mindful that my wee virtual candle is still alight…a reassuring thought. It was traditional to leave candles burning overnight buit that’s not really safe for me in a house of five cats and a naughty dog. However you celebrate it, enjoy the celebration!

(If you’re feeling inspired and need some further ideas, why not check out the amazing virtual resource that is the ‘Internet Book Of Shadows’ for further information? It’s a fabulous resource!)

Of Witch & Wand, and Bell & Broom…

Hi everyone! I’ve been away for a few days in RL and haven’t been around to blog properly, so it’s time to make amends for that methinks! I have a couple more posts on my Witchy theme to share with you then back to normal service, with ‘Witchy Wednesdays’ running every week from the tenth of February onwards.

I’ve found another superb place in world which I truly feel is essential visiting for the Second Life Pagan. This has to be one of the best Pagan shopping experiences on the grid being imaginative and full to the brim of genuinely wonderful witchy wares. Not only that, the prices are excellent too.

In fact, I’m talking about two stores, located opposite each other and owned by Second Life friends Nahnee Adamski and Scojo Zanzibar. I’m going to begin by telling you about ‘Bell And Broom’, which is Scojo’s store, and he describes it as a ‘Modern Day Pagan Shoppe’. This store features some really nifty items and it’s well worth you taking the time to explore, so I recommend that you don’t rush if you can help it. As soon as you walk in the awesome goodies leap out at you; for starters there are reuseable spell candles priced at a VERY reasonable L$99. They’re scripted, so you touch them to write your intention which remains in place above the candle for 24 hours. They’re available in lots of different colours, making these the perfect choice for in-world candle magic, and at such a reasonable price you can afford to build up quite the collection! Opposite are the low prim cauldrons, priced from L$99, which come with touch on/off fire effect and are just the ticket for your witchy workshop. I would have preferred it if the interior of these was just black, rather than green, but as cauldrons go these are perfectly adequate. Walk further in to the store and you’ll find other candles that last 8 hours only before completely de-rezzing. Each is for a specific purpose, these are L$49 but you can buy a pack featuring 8 candles for L$199. Again, these are great value and perfect for more particular spell work. There’s also a really nifty novelty item in here, the ‘Magical Self-Cleaning Broom’, which is very ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ and would look perfect in your parlour.

Walk a little further and you’ll find altar bells, Goddess statues, skull candle holders and various signs. All of these are really well crafted, but some of the textures just don’t work for me. For example, I’d prefer a plain silver texture as the embellishment upon the Altar Pentacles, rather than the silver, bronze or gold with a semi-sparkly effect. It just puts me off. Plain would be a much better choice, or even better than that, texture change. The Goddess statues are perfect for your altar, and you’ll also find salt and water bowls here too, as well as smudge sticks and abalone shells. There are also a variety of wooden broomsticks here too for protecting your threshold, again these are absolutely spot on BUT the pentacle upon each is in that dratted sparkly silver texture. GAAHHH!

There are plenty of Altar arrangements on sale here. The ‘Three Prim Altar’ is very simple; featuring a lovely draped tablecloth and crystal in the centre. Again, I can’t say that I’m mad about the texture choice here, in this case for the table underneath the tablecloth. OK, it’s not *that* noticeable, BUT it’s a bit naff. In contrast, the tablecloths themselves are perfectly serviceable.

Next up are the complete altar kits; again a smashing idea BUT let down again by poor texture choices:( That said, these win plus points on the facility to remove or add pieces as you wish, and change individual item textures, including ancestral photographs, but the altars themselves aren’t so hot. Again, the opportunity to modify or choose from an appearance menu would pay dividends here, because they are really natty packages. Next to these are some meditation altars that ARE modifiable, with space for plenty of objects as you sit and ponder matters metaphysical in your sacred space.

There are some very pretty crystal balls on sale here too, and there’s a sign that actually states that the prices are currently reduced by 50%. I tend towards plain and simple but these are quite flamboyant in aspect, being available in a myriad of sizes and colours, so weren’t really for me. I did gravitate towards the black crystal ball but again I wasn’t keen on the texture deployed on the stand…you can guess what kind it was:) However I do rate the wee tables to either side of the display, available in either Rosewood or Aged style, these are resplendent with a starburst shaped surface meaning that they are perfect for housing statement pieces such as candles, crystal balls or statuary.

You’ll also find some pretty astonishing looking Grimoires here at ‘Bell And Broom’and at L$229 these are genuine investment pieces which are absolutely perfect if you have a coven or group in-world. These are transferable and can hold and dispense unlimited notecards. They also look the part too, and will have ‘Charmed’ fans peeing in their panties.(Note: There are a number of ‘Charmed’ themed items in this store, including jewellery and pre-cast circles) Unfortunately the books aren’t lockable, BUT you can purchase a humongous matching box to keep them in which does have a locking facility, so if you want to keep your virtual musings private perhaps it’s an idea to invest L$149 on one of those..

Other items to note in ‘Bell And Broom’ include an array of cloaks and hats, various metaphysical prints, jewellery and a range of coffins and tombs! These are pretty cool actually, I can’t say I’m fully in the loop on virtual caskets and all things un-dead but these are actually very smart, although the red one did remind me of a ‘Snap-On’ tool box…

Outside the store, moving towards ‘Witch And Wand’ you’ll see lots of seating, signage and various ritual items for sale. There’s also cave for you to explore, and various garden furniture items, including magical gazebos. I especially liked the ‘Winter Gazebo’ with its gently falling snowflakes. There are beautiful weather vanes and wind chimes too with which to decorate the outside of your home. You can also buy your very own purple labyrinth or Beltane May pole, a groovy magical mushroom ring or even a Zen garden. Something especially nice is the tribute garden to those who were executed at Salem after being falsely accused of Witchcraft, and you can visit here, light a candle and lay a flower at the memorial wall. It’s very touching to see a memorial like this created in-world and shows a lot of thought and dedication on the part of the sim owners.

Moving on to ‘Witch And Wand’ now, which is very similar to ‘Bell And Broom’ in that it carries some of the same ranges, BUT it also has lots to offer on its own. This store is Nahnee Adamski’s and just like at ‘Bell And Broom’ there are some spectacular items to be discovered here. I *LOVE* nick-knacks and wee objects that help add authenticity to your virtual home and you’ll find a vast array of goodies in-store that will do just that. For a start, I LOVE the Pentacle made from 5 crossed brooms as well as the Pentacle wall-shelf. A very nifty idea! It would be even better if the shelf was colour change, but it’s a great way to display your ‘precious things’. I also really like the various wands, wand holders and staffs which I thought were splendid little creations. The wands are of course wearable and although a wee bit ‘Harry Potter’ for my taste they are actually really lovely. The staffs are also very handsome, topped with either Amethyst or Mother of Pearl, my personal favourite.

Again there are various altars dotted all around the store. I didn’t really rate the majority of the actual altars, preferring the objects placed upon them instead, but I did like the storage boxes and I thought that ‘The Altar In A Box’ idea was really fabulous, everything you need in a beautiful box for L$600.

But here’s an odd thing; for some reason the store sells curtains, which seem at odds with the rest of the wares that are on display. These didn’t really work for me, BUT I did like the Pagan Prayer flags in assorted designs that are situated across from these textiles. Under the staircase you’ll see some more lovely wall and door hangings in various designs but they practically all feature that damned sparkly silver texture which, by this time as I’m sure you can tell, I was detesting more each time I saw it!

Moving on and behind the wall hangings are a range of tattoos featuring various Witchy and Voodoo artworks. These weren’t really to my taste but worth checking out if you like that sort of thing I guess. There are eyes on sale too which were much nicer but a tad too beady for me, so I carried on exploring and found myself in the fashion department. The Witch Boots are really posh, featuring tasselled embellishments and I also noted two rather dandy 2 prim gothic picture frames available to purchase too. The fashions here are traditional garb, and if gowns are your fetish then I do recommend that you check the range out here. Although they really aren’t my thing at all I have to say that the ‘Wench Dress’ and the ‘Spider Web Gown’ are really something special and are displayed on mannequins so you get the full benefit of the lavish skirting that completes each gown.

This is the section where you’ll find all the jewellery too and there are LOTS of different Pentagram necklaces at very reasonable prices, and some of them feature a far more normal silver texture than is the norm for this store, BUT yet again there’s that dratted sparkly texture everywhere. There are circlets for rituals available here too and they are some of the nicest I’ve seen on the grid thus far. This is also the only place I’ve found that offers Gardenerian degree necklaces, all perfectly represented and just the thing if you want to display your degree status. Note, to the left of these is a box which features the grand opening gift, so make sure you pick one of those up!

As I said before there’s a LOT of original thinking on display here and none more so than the rather sweet ‘Witch is in/Witch is out’ signs that you can use to park your broom. I really like these, you have to manually touch the sign to rotate it to reflect your status and the broom is removable too. At L$300 they are pricey, but make a nice finishing touch to the exterior of your property. But if I thought the curtains were random, then the Neko parts that are on sale here too are even more so! They seem adequate enough, but don’t have a witchy twist. Perhaps the ears could be pierced with Pentacles, and the tails could be decorated with miniature witch charms to create a more appropriate and original Neko range? I have no doubt that they’d be extremely popular. Oh, and you must check out the Altar supplies stand. It features pentacles, bells, spell jars and rather lovely bolines…it seems that everything is included here.

If you venture upstairs you’ll find more Gothically inclined items, including more curtains and a dining room set. There are also prints available, melted candles and skulls galore. Behind a partition you’ll find more prints and a couple of coffins too, these differ in design to the ones at ‘Bell And Broom’ and in my opinion they weren’t as good. But hey, you may prefer these.

To be perfectly honest, this sim is pretty much a one stop shop for all your Pagan needs, and I doubt that there is anything that these owner/creators haven’t considered making or have stashed in their respective inventories somewhere. With that in mind I insist that you visit because I can’t possibly do justice to both these stores upon this page, you have to see them to get the full benefit.

That said, I do think both Scojo and Nahnee need to rethink their texture strategies. Some (not all) of the textures deployed across the items are just plain ugly; the silvery texture I was constantly referring to throughout this item is especially unpleasant and looks very dated. In fact, I think some of the texturing choices will put a lot of purchasers off – it certainly did limit my spending which is such a shame because had the items in question been presented differently I could have quite easily bought most of the contents of both stores! Guys, if you’re reading this I don’t want to appear harsh, but please consider changing some of the textures you employ upon your lovely items because if you do, I can pretty much guarantee your sales will increase.

I also implore you to make more of your items MODIFY, this would come in handy with the altars and altar cloths, and items such as the labyrinth situated outside, which I almost bought for my own land until I noted that it wasn’t modify., and I didn’t fancy having a purple labyrinth on my garden! (Please consider deploying texture change scripts on some of your items to enable them to have a much wider appeal, and I’ll be back with my lindens ready like a shot!)

All things considered though, I wouldn’t fail to recommend this place to anyone seeking Pagan items in-world, and I heartily encourage you to visit it. Oh, and as a final note, you can also rent a home here just like at Covenstead, Artemis and Sacred Cauldron, but I’ll leave the discovery of the rental cottages up to you…suffice to say they are rather sweet Medieval numbers.

The Artemis Tavern and Witches Island

(Apologies for not posting as much as I’d like during this witchy week due to RL ill health, but I shall, of course, make up for it!)

Of all the Pagan Places in world, one that has probably received the most publicity, and rightly so, is the Witchfest/Witches Island community. It’s a vibrant community, and the home of the justly exalted Artemis Tavern, and is backed (or at least was, I’m not sure if this is still the case) by ‘The Children Of Artemis’, an esteemed and world-renowned RL non-profit Witchcraft organisation (of which I used to be a member, didn’t renew due to moths flying out of purse when opened)
Before we discuss the main shopping area, billed as the biggest Pagan shopping area in world, remember how I told you that at Covenstead you can rent properties and thus become part of a Pagan community? Well, Witches Island offers the same, in fact they have an enormous rentals business which encompasses small dwellings, mansions, even enormous skyboxes. Anything the Witch about town could possibly desire! I noted that a fair number of the dwellings seemed to be inhabited, always a good sign, and what makes this habitat especially nice is that the living spaces are  dotted with stone circles and temples between residences for avatars to enjoy. The landscaping is nice, but not great…for example, I don’t care much for the teleportation devices, which are just signboards. Their appearance really jars against the environment, but I can see they serve a useful purpose, so may one be so bold as to say why not change them to something more in-keeping with the rest of the area?
The Artemis Temple that looks out over the landscape looks great, but, disappointingly, when you go inside it’s very bare apart from two scrolls to your immediate left. If you click these you’ll find some introductory Wiccan teachings from Merlyn Herne, one of the community leaders here, and they’re an excellent introduction. ..I just wish that as much thought had be applied to the furnishing of the temple! I also spied a huge cave which turned out to be a nightclub, but again it just didn’t strike me physically as somewhere I’d like to hang out.. Look, I recognise that appearance isn’t everything and it’s the people that make a place and not the pictures on the walls, but at the same time a place needs to be inviting, to draw you in and make you want to stay. Judging by the amount of traffic that this place gets on a daily basis they’re evidently doing something right, but I just feel it could be a wee bit improved…
Anyway, I don’t want to dissuade you from visiting or put a total damper on this piece because this is an essential place for any virtual Pagan to visit, make no mistake about that. I’ve visited The Artemis Tavern a number of times and each time have been made to feel really welcome. In fact, every time I visit there is usually someone in the Artemis, if not a group. In over three years of Second Life I’ve never visited and not found people enjoying themselves there or engrossed in discussion, it really is a genuinely popular place with Pagans and non-Pagans alike. This popularity says a lot about the community at the heart of the place:) I’m sure because of it’s affiliations Witches Island is a great place to seek valuable instruction, and if you’re just starting out on your path then you could do a lot worse than make yourself acquainted with the folk here. They have courses and events constantly, and will be more than willing to fill you in on details should you ask.
Okies, shopping time! The shopping area is mall-like, and each vendor is an open plan barn-style store, which vary in size from small units to much larger, grander affairs. There are money trees ( hat do actually contain Lindens) dotted around, and there are random freebie boxes to be found too, a useful bonus for a newbie. The shopping area itself is relatively plain and easy to navigate, but would benefit from a lick of paint. The Mall is divided into courts named after Astrological signs. There are LOTS of stores here selling practically everything you could imagine at a virtual New Age fair…from crystals to clothing, wands to whiskers you’ll find it here. A quick point: due to the scale and nature of this mall a lot of the stores in residence are satellite stores, but don’t let that discourage you, the majority are well-stocked. A final point, I’m not covering every store in this post, that would take too long. Some stores I’ve not included because I didn’t especially like their wares, or because I felt there were copyright issues that needed to be addressed. Some I’ve not included because I just didn’t have time.
This is just to give you a taste of what you will find there, the idea is to make you visit, naturally:)
First up, in Leo Court, is a store called ‘Briar Rose.’ OK, it’s not a great looking store, but inside you’ll find a few useful pieces, such as ten scripted, individually coloured candles with holders in a pack for L$80, when you purchase them you receive a note with advice on using candle magic & several sample spells, but these are perfect for decoration or lighting too. More expensive is the copy/mod spell box which retails at L$100. (Situated next to the box is a scroll which has details about creating and using magical spell boxes should you be so inclined. Worth reading that before you purchase I think.) To be honest this is an odd little store without much in the way of stock, but what is there certainly has it’s uses. I especially like (and this is fashionista, not witchy related) the pose rug and rezzable private dressing room which costs just L$25. Just the ticket if you have no fixed abode in SL and rely on sandboxes…that said, ‘Briar Rose’ offers a solution to that too; there’s a rental property board inside:) Leo Court also features a furniture display by ‘Twin Souls’, and it is gorgeous, richly textured renaissance inspired stuff. Take a LM and visit the main store if your castle needs new nicies:)
‘Hectic Moon’ features extremely fetching gowns and outfits. I particularly liked ‘Alchemy’ and ‘Vamp Priestess’ but to be honest I was more captivated by the objects on sale rather than the outfits. A real bargain, is the ‘Crystal Magic Pendant Set’, which features a 21 colour change wire wrapped crystal pendant. At L$199 it’s a bargain.
You MUST see ‘Mae Fairy Tale‘, a store owned by a very talented lady called Maena Tammas. For starters, she’s created a fabulous witch broom and grimoire set, as well as a wishing well, gazebo, stunning fantasy tree house and a gorgeous little mushroom for a linden. She also sells really beautiful Fairy wings, and even though I can’t say that they are an item I especially covet in SL, I think you’d be hard pressed to find better. What I particularly liked however were the original artworks displayed at the rear of the store. Maena is a girl with exemplary digital talent and a visit to her gallery, via the LM in store, is definitely worth your while. Her artwork is of course available to buy and would be a worthy addition to any Elven themed home.
Moving into Capricorn Court now, and I was going to walk past the store called ‘Vamps and Tramps’ because the name just made me cringe so much, but I have to say, on closer inspection, that the clothing was actually exceptional (as are the ads displaying the wares) If you like gorgeous Gothic gowns, then you have to come here and see the ‘Gothic Romance’ gown. Even better, the clothing in the store is TRANS, so you can buy pressies here! It isn’t cheap though – the ‘Pagan Romance’ jewellery set is absolutely stunning but at L$800 it’s a bit of an investment buy. Still, if you’re after something a bit more adventurous than your common or garden pentacle this has to be worth checking out!
Onwards, past The Artemis Tavern to Libra Court. There’s a huge display here featuring the COA’s magazine, ‘Wicca and Witchcraft‘. I own a fair few issues of these myself and it’s a glossy well-produced magazine (are they still producing it?) and there’s a large display featuring an article on ‘Cyber Witchcraft’ that was featured in the Lammas 2008 edition for you to read.
‘The Fairy’s Aunt’ is another showcase of digital art, this time by Sylphie Fei. There is a lot to enjoy here, and the prints are very reasonably priced too. Her work is varied and beautifully designed, and I fell in love with a number of pieces, especially ‘Hunters Moon’ and ‘Fallen Angel’. Like ’Mae Fairy Tale’ the artwork would look stunning hung in your virtual home. Next door you’ll find ‘Temp T’ a shop selling a mixed bag of goodies, including spell cabinets, jewellery and a ‘Mystical Greenhouse’ which would be a perfect skybox dwelling for Fairy aficionados, and nearby is ‘Talevin’s Designs’, where lovely magical book props, as well as jewellery, wands and staves are the order of the day. There is an excellent unisex triple moon Goddess pendant for L$50 in store.
I’ve told you about a handful of shops ( I’m leaving the hard work up to you!) but let me tell you about my favourite store in the mall. It‘s called ‘Picky Pagan’, and is owned by Dixie Berliner. There are actually two outlets at the mall for this brand, but the main store is where you will find quite simply, the loveliest Imbolc altar set-up that you will find anywhere in SL, and she also offers TEN pagan freebies for your delectation; all quality items that some designers would charge the earth for. Dixie is evidently not profit driven though – her work is not only exceptional, it’s great value too: the altar is a steal at L$100. At her other store you’ll discover a cauldron bathtub scene, replete with animations, tub, witches hat and broomstick, which is just so much fun that I had to have one, and there’s a glorious cooking hearth with bread, cauldrons and a roaring fire. Again these are perfectly created and cost just a mere L$100. Bargains.There’s lots more I could share with you but I’m going to reserve my other favourites for another blog post. Suffice to say that if shopping with a mystical flavour is your thing, then you’d be hard pressed not to visit the mall here, and I also totally recommend the social network that thrives here. My only gripes are that there are some items on display that are quite blatantly breaching copyright ( as per my previous post) and also there’s some pretty awful items on sale too. I also hinted earlier that I think physically, the place could do with a bit of an overhaul, but all things considered there’s a reason why this ranks amongst the top Pagan destinations upon the grid, and that’s because it is run by Paganfolk for Paganfolk, and that shines through all.