Last but not least…

I’ve put together a little altar as you walk in to my Linde home, and it’s a really nice wee set-up, even if I say so myself. First up, the altar itself is a FREEBIE from PICKY PAGAN. It’s just 3 prims, and on top you’ll find a chalice ( 1 prim) God and Goddess candles (2 prims each) and 2 prim Goddess Statue from PRIM ORDIAL. The Book Of Shadows ( which contains Gerald Gardner’s BOS!) is constructed to enable you to add your own additions in the shape of notecards, which is VERY nifty if you ask me. It’s by Bryanna Morgath of THE GROVE and at 4 prims really looks the part.Finally to the left you’ll also spot a lovely PRIM ORDIAL bubbling cauldron and to the right a broom from BELL AND BROOM which isn’t just decorative, it also records who visits your home and e-mails you to tell you all about it!  Whilst not exactly a security device, it sure does help you work out if there are repeat offenders invading your personal space…I’ve been amazed at how much information that it’s collated already.  Seeing as besoms are traditionally placed next to the door to offer protection, I’d say that any virtual witchy home would do well to have one of these. Finally at the front you’ll see an unusual Pentacle burner.  The idea is that you write wishes, prayers, divine shopping lists or whatever you fancy on notecards and deposit in the burner, and the intent is taken out into the metaverse. There’s a large version available too for groups.  Another amazing purchase from BELL AND BROOM! The only problem now with my Linden home is that the walls are devoid of artworks, and finding the right pictures to hang will be fun seeing as the walls are curved….any ideas dear reader?

Witchy Wednesdays- A Trip To ‘Prim Ordial’


Clever name huh?
Describing itself as a store that retails quality Wiccan goods and artefacts, ‘Prim Ordial’ offers subtle and refined wares. There is nothing flamboyant here; just simple honest to Goddess Wiccan fancy made with quality textures and great attention to detail. There are no textures here that will give you indigestion for example; there’s one particular shade of purple that is very popular with Pagan content creators and I always suffer when I see it…ahem, but it really was a relief to NOT find it here at all.
There is a limited collection of goods to buy in store, but each one is very good indeed, and great value for Linden. Everything is L$200 or less. The range is compact, but covers all the required basics: altars, candles, athames, wands, cauldrons and crystal balls. The store uses vendors, which can be a bit laggy, but be patient because the kit here is seriously worthy stuff. Dolly Vyper is the creator, and I can tell you very little about her because there isn’t much written on her profile, but I can tell you that she is very accomplished at what she does. Original works such as her wooden altar pentacle replete with candles, and her spectacular athames, either crystal-tipped or with a nice chunky handle, are excellent choices for purchase. These are clearly marked as decorative items and they would really enhance a ritual space. There are also 3 cauldrons to choose from with different animations in each, and a couple of lovely, simply animated crystal balls too. Prim efficiency is key here, but scrimping on prims does not mean scrimping on quality and finish. The altar bell for example is 2 prims and has a white ceramic glaze, embellished with a black pentacle. It’s simple and pretty and perfectly matches the sculpted chalices that are also available in a variety of designs.  There’s also a simple goddess statue which you can resize to make a perfect fit on any altar space.
Speaking of which, there is a variety of altars here and all of them are substantial numbers in a variety of finishes. My particular fave is the Wooden Pentacle Altar that is a mere 3 prims,including cloth, and would look the part kitted out with either the God and Goddess Candle Set, or the Elemental Candle Pack which features four coloured candles again with ceramic bases. You can mix and match to your hearts content in here, and I think a great idea would be for Dolly to make a ‘Wiccan Altar Basics’ pack using all her matching items because I’m sure it would be a big seller.
Personally, I believe the range may be particularly appealling to the male Pagan community in-world, due to the clean lines and non-fussy approach to design, but don’t be misled into thinking the range here is overtly masculine in any way. It’s go and take a look, because this simple approach to design really worked for me and I think it will for you too.