“Time For Bed,” said Kitty..

“Time For Bed,” said Kitty..

If I had my way we’d all live in pyjamas, especially at this time of year. November is such a dreary month after all, so what could be nicer than being all snuggly and warm in some fleecy jim-jams and slippers, drinking mugs of Hot Chocolate and toasting our tootsies in front of a roaring fire? Blissful.

Sway Dench has obliged us at least part of the fantasy by producing a rather snazzy PJ set featuring a sheep motif (what else?) and matching slippers.

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It’s a simple set, but actually works rather well. The fabric texture that Sway has chosen for the main body looks just right; resplendent with that fuzzy kind of look that only well-worn PJ’s sport, and the cuffs on the sleeves and body and legs looks authentic, as does the creasing. The counting sheep motif is seriously cute, but the real winners here are the slippers; they feature 3-D sheep and look exactly like the kind of novelty footwear that you’d unwrap on Christmas day.

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Even better, this really smashing sleepwear set is a steal at just L$150, which surely makes it a cheap and cheerful gift option for Yuletide gifting to your Second Life chums. I’m not changing out of mine for at least a week..poohhheee, stinky Kitty!