Kitty says Hello Titty Tuesdays!

Kitty says Hello Titty Tuesdays!


If you own a pair of mesh bewbs then you really ought to be a member of the ‘Big Boobie Babes‘  group, especially because they’ve just launched an event called ‘Hello Titty Tuesdays’

Each week a selected number of designers will place an item in their store for L$50 or less, and every participant is guaranteed to feature appliers for various kinds of mesh boobs with their items. There are ten participants each round.

I picked up this rather dandy denim frock from Patchwork Heart  and added a scarf to it to hide my applier lines (that’s my latest trick, scarves, snoods and necklaces are good for hiding seams!) and it’s delightful, as are most things from PWH.

You can read all about ‘Hello Titty Tuesdays’ on the ‘Big Boobies Babes’ blog, which is an essential read if you wear mesh breasts.  Grab some Lindens and check out the list by clicking here.