Witchy Wednesday: Witch Season is Approaching!

Witchy Wednesday: Witch Season is Approaching!

I haven’t done a Witchy Wednesday in an age, but it’s back with great news to share. Guys,  I am so excited to tell you about an event that is still a few months away but offers so much promise and potential.  It’s called ‘Season Of The Witch’ and promises a ‘Dark Bohemian’ event experience, and if that doesn’t get those witchy juices flowing for you then I don’t know what will! I’ve been longing for something like this in-world for what feels like forever. Pinch me, am I dreaming?!

In fact, I’ll tell you what’s seriously impressed me about this event so far though, and it’s not just the theme.  It’s the fact that it’s  being so perfectly planned even at these early stages. So much is already going on behind the scenes to ensure the best experience possible, there’s already a Facebook page and a website to get you into the spirit of the event.  There’s even a Pinterest board and oh my days, it’s a veritable banquet upon a stick of witchy aesthetic goodness! Wanna know what’s even better? MEN ARE INCLUDED. Now, if you’re of a Pagan persuasion then you’ll probably realise that Witches can be male or female, it’s not a gender specific term.  However, a lot of people outside of our kind don’t realise this at all, they assume that a male witch is a warlock (erm, no, not unless they want to use that term) or even worse adopt a ‘Men can’t be witches’ attitude.  That’s not the case and it’s so refreshing to see that this is going to be reinforced at ‘Season Of The Witch’. 

You know what else has got me frenzied with anticipation about this event? There’s even a wonderful in-world office to go and visit, and if you’re anything like me you’ll want to live there.  Plus, if you join the group you’ll receive an information pack containing a wearable spellbook and a gorgeous pentacle to wear.  There is even a Spotify playlist too, see what I mean about planning? Hot damn,  this is how you make an event a success in-world!

Have I already said how excited I am? Yes, yes I have haven’t I, but to be fair they had me at ‘Dark Bohemian’.  I mean, just look at this list of ideas and possibilities for designers to choose from, doesn’t it make you drool? (And look at the list of names who have already signed up..I’m going to burst with happiness!)

Anyway, if you want to know more then check out the website and I urge you to look at the Pinterest board too.  Trust me when I say it is darkly magical in the very best way! IS IT OCTOBER YET?!!!! (No, Kitty, it isn’t)


LOTD: Kitty O’Ghoul Ahoy!

LOTD: Kitty O’Ghoul Ahoy!


Halloween is fast approaching, like you needed me to point that out, so be sure to check out the Destinations Guide to keep on top of all the spooktacular goings on that are all the rage in-world at the moment.  It’s bursting with legions of them. And zombies, obviously.
In fact, Second Life is pretty much in full on excitement mode in every single way now right on through to New Year.  Halloween sets the spark alight and leads us into Thanksgiving and then onwards to Christmas and the New Year without really taking a breath, and as it does so the grid comes alive with all sorts of amazing content.It’s a good time to be an avatar, so I’m going to be sharing Halloween inspired looks and stuff and things with you through the rest of the month and also pay heed to some of the amazing events that are afoot. The majority of which I can’t get into (unsurprising when you consider that THE EPIPHANY made a whopping THREE MILLION LINDENS in their first day, I shit you not!) So I’ve been settling for other events while I wear out my ‘Get Me In’ Hud (other HUDS are available) THE COSMOPOLITAN SALES ROOM then was my first port of call for a mooch around. 
Occasionally I’ll visit and find the odd thing that is very relevant to my needs, and this time I found an absolutely corking wee number to dance around my skybox in! It’s the ‘Oriental Nights’ bodysuit from a brand called MILK TEA, and is multi- applier compatible and available in six smashing colour options. So of course, I opted for black.
It works really well; perfect for lounging around in but equally easy to dress up and dare I say it, even make a tad edgy.  To do that I added the amazing ‘Bastet’ Jacket by PIXICAT from the last round of THE ARCADE.  I also added some seriously gruesome eyes from IKON, a favourite BURLEY hairstyle and my N-CORE ‘Alexandra’ boots.  To finish I added the ever amazing ‘Steking Series 5’ ears by MANDALA, and there you have it, Kitty O’Ghoul at your service! MWAHAHAHAH!Evil cackles ahoy!

Kitty wears:

BODY: Maitreya ‘Lara’ V3.4

SKIN: Glam Affair ‘Katra’ Polar (NB)

EYES: IKON  ‘Deadshine Eyes’ in Nightshade

LASHES: Hush ‘Flirt’

LIPS: PXL ‘Sweet Lips’ V.1  (worn with ‘ADORED‘ Cherry Bomb lips + liner)

EARS: Mandala ‘Steking’ Series 5 (Pixie)

HAIR: Burley ‘Octavia’ (Dips)

BODYSUIT: Milk Tea ‘Oriental Nights’ Bodysuit (Maitreya) Black THE COSMOPOLITAN SALES ROOM

JACKET  Pixicat ‘Bastet’ Red (M) (You’ll have to search the yardsales for one!)

Happy Halloween one & all!

Happy Halloween one & all!

Sincere Samhain felicitations one and all!

I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating this most fabulous of festivals.

For reasons all regular readers will be only too aware, this Samhain is going to be especially poignant for me. I miss Dee terribly and we always celebrated this occasion together. Tonight, the veils of the physical and the piritual world are allegedly are at their thinnest. I think the only spirits that I will be communicating with are the kind that you find in a glass, I plan on being in world aALL NIGHT and enjoying (gatecrashing) as many partys and moots as possible:)
Regular Kittywitchin service will be resumed once the hangover subsides…….

Getting ready for happy Halloweeny time!

Getting ready for happy Halloweeny time!


Noam Sprocket (Gritty Kitty) generously sent out Halloween 2008 gifts to his subscription group last night, and by heck they’re good! Last year was my first Halloween (Samhain) in world, and a corker it was too. I enjoyed it so much that I’ve been looking forward to this year’s festivities with mucho gusto-especially because Noam sent out a hat last year that was the most amazing Witch Hat I’ve ever seen! ( And it got me front page on The Avastar too!) This year I’ll be wearing his latest hat creation..it’s based on last years beauty, but he’s smartened it up a tad and made it even more lush than before (as if that was even possible!) It’s an exceptionally wonderful freebie this; the detailing and texture work on this hat are excellent, as you would expect from Messr Sprocket. That’s not enough though..it’s colour change too! WOOT! Therefore it will go with *everything* in your Halloween wardrobe! AND that’s not all- as if a hat wasn’t enough, you get a scarf too. Last year, again, we had a scarf which I absolutely adored. This year he’s upped the stakes again providing two sizes for your enjoyment, a fatty and a thinny. These are so good you can carry on wearing them throughout winter too, because they look superb against winter coats, and as you can see the slim variety makes a fabboo nipple warmer. Ahem. Anyways, I’m sure that if you JOIN the Gritty Kitty group and check in the archives you’ll find these freebietastic goodies to keep all to yourself-and here’s a hint, try and stay in the group because Noam sends out CRACKING stuff towards Xmas ;P Oh, and because these are FREE you won’t need to waste your Lindens on any inferior quality and frankly quite boring hats this year…..oh happy days!