Kittyhelp: Looking For Landscaping Advice!

So I’ve moved locations and I need your help Kittyreaders!  Basically I am bobbins at landscaping in Second Life. Don’t get me wrong, I know a good location when I see one, and love wandering around the beautifully landscaped places that the grid provides.But when it comes to creating my own, I really don’t have a clue.

This is the space that I have to play with: 


As you can see I’ve already installed (and furnished, obviously) my wonderful Bazar Arizona Home. That’s non-negotiable, I have to have my home.

I’ve placed it in the corner, on an elevated portion of the land so that I can benefit from the sea view, which is perfect for the back and left side of my house. Here’s an alternative view:


To the front and front-right I can see my neighbour’s stuff and things.

Now, I’ve not lived here long, and I have lovely neighbours and no objections whatsoever to what they do to their land, but taste is a very personal matter, and as much as I adore Samhain (Halloween) this view is fair putting me off my cornflakes, as festive as it is:


So, I’m looking for ideas Kittyreaders.  For a start, how do I hide my view? I thought sim-surrounds could be an option but I’m confused.  I know nothing about them, but I do need something that will offer me privacy and enable me to enjoy my view.  One thing that is certain is that  I know that I’d like to give the space that surrounds my home a woodland feel, which is my favourite kind of environment.  But I could benefit from some advice, obviously. For example, which stores and locations should I be visiting for design inspiration?  As a reference point, I really like the way that The Seasons Story looked, so I’ve visited  again and clicked on a number of items to find out where they are from, which has given me a number of places to visit to price up nice rocks and trees and things.

Whatever I decide to do, it must fit the following criteria:

  • Fit my land mass (ooer missus). I only have 16400m2 (but the house already takes a small portion of that)
  • Be cost effective. I don’t want to litter my place with cheap-as-chips trees with shoddy textures; anything I buy should preferably be copy/mod so that I get best value for money.
  • Low prim/mesh if possible.

Oh and I need to do all this on about 2, 250 prims (preferably less)

So, Kittyreaders what can you suggest?

I’m really hoping you can help with some cool ideas.  As a total noob to this kind of thing I don’t mind admitting I am completely out of my depth, but I do know that learning, especially in Second Life, can be heap loads of fun, so any advice is greatly appreciated. Oh, and I will of course keep you updated on progress via this blog, and if it ends up looking good I’ll invite you round for a cuppa!

Kitty Quicky – Aria Sale


ARIA is a furniture store in world that sells some really natty pieces, and Yelo Uriza has decided to renovate the store. She’s been away for quite a while so her existing stock is being cleared out to make way for new items. While the work is underway you’ll find sculpt items reduced by 50% while she makes space for lovely new mesh stuff and things.

One of the things I’ve always liked about the store are the bits and bobs that he sells. You know, daft little items like washing-up liquid and dish sponges, that when placed add that little bit of realism to the virtual world. (What, you don’t do dishes in Second Life?! Scrubber!)

Take a wander around the store and you’ll find lots of really nice items.. If you have prims to spare the sculpt items are really worth splashing out on, not only because they’re reduced but because they’re actually really nice. There are lots of stone artwork pieces that would add the finishing touch to any living room, and an excellent spa table replete with hot stones (see what I mean about details?) really looks the part.  The bedroom sets feature scattered shoes, make up bags and nail polish bottles, all items that can be bought separately to add authenticity to your living space. (Sounds daft, but one of my favourite things is the half-empty loaf of bread and the butter dish beside it. They just work!)

I really like Yelo’s work as is, so the fact that she’s retiring these items to make way for mesh (lovely, scrumptious mesh) is pretty exciting to me.  Go and take a peek at the store (she says to excuse the dust while she’s redecorating) because you may find a few items that would look fab in your home. Want some suggestions? Well apart from those already mentioned; check out items like the kitchens and the bathrooms, which are bursting with detail. If you’re looking for a bar for your home there are a couple of really nice ones here too,  but it’s one of those stores worth having a lazy stroll around. There’s also a website to peruse at your leisure.  Enjoy!