Festive Fun Galore At SL Christmas Expo 2013!

Festive Fun Galore At SL Christmas Expo 2013!


Guys, I’ve just been having a mooch around the Christmas Expo.

I posted earlier about the event but hadn’t actually had the chance to drop by, and now that I have I must tell you that it’s a bit of a corker!

It’s beautifully landscaped with the build creating a real vintage Christmas feeling. There  is something for everyone here, and loads of lovely stores selling everything from clothing to furniture, jewellery and even vehicles too!  If you’ve been seeking the perfect Yuletide decorations  for your home then hold onto your virtual wallets and wait until Thursday, when the event opens, because there are trees and trimmings and festive fancies everywhere that will look absolutely perfect in your virtual abode. You know, it struck me as I was exploring that  I really did feel like a little kid again!  I peered through windows and ran into shops to find Santa (there are quite a few Santa’s here) and made a total nuisance of myself by rezzing a Sled from THISTLE HOMES and scooting around happily on it. Incidentally, I strongly recommend this event to virtual families; not only is this perfect for a family outing (watch out for the all the ToddleeDoos!) but there are some fantastic toys to see and play with, from trains happily trundling around Christmas trees to gigantic plushie dinosaurs. There are photo opportunities around every corner too. It’s definitely NOT to be missed!

If you’d like a preview of what is in store check out the official Flickr by clicking HERE, the blog by clicking HERE, and stay tuned for some of my event picks over the next few days!