The Great Kitty Shape Debate..Part Two

…Or do you prefer a few more inches for your noms? This is Curvy Kitty and I think she looks faboosh. There’s definitely some hip action going on here..she has really defined calves too and I think she’s a fair bit shorter than ‘Original’ Kitty (That’s no bad thing, I think my regular shape would be about 6ft 7inches in real life!)So dear reader, the choice is yours. Which do you prefer?

I’m going to be running a vote for the next couple of days and whichever shape wins will be the shape I stick with, so this is a pretty important vote! I think both are nice, but I think it would be nice to have a touch more chub as there’s nothing for Jez to grab hold of in the previous picture. Of course, what does it matter-Second Life is a totally fake existence after all so why the fuss? <Snigger>

Feel free to drop a comment when you vote and I’ll announce the results in a few days time!

The Great Kitty Shape Debate..Part One

Ever since I came into Second Life I’ve had the same’s called ‘Joellyn’ and was given to me by someone so far back in the day that I can’t even remember who it was! I tried it on and instantly liked it; looking back this was because of the impressive norkage and the very sweet face. I’ve never changed shape because I like the way that this one looks very much, but recently it was drawn to my attention that basically, Kitty has no hips.  Good point, and it dawned on me that I don’t know any female with this kind of figure…so that got me thinking. Is it time for Kitty to change her shape?

In real life I’m not Kittyesque in any way shape or fact I think the polite terminology would be to describe me as ‘curvy’.   Basically, I like my pies..and pizza..and curry…and anything with a fat content equivalent to that of a small pacific atol.  So, I found a shape I liked (yes, it’s the ‘Captive Elegance’ one from the previous post..I kinda fell for it in a big way) and tweaked it so that the mush was Kitty’s regular face shape with all her facial characteristics. That’s the only change; the faces are identical on these shapes but the bodies are very different. 

Anyway, take a good long look at this you prefer me to stay skinny..?