Bargains Galore on Tatty Soup’s third floor!

Don’t miss this guys! Once you’ve had a good nosey downstairs, hit the third floor for LOADS of furniture and hardware bargains, including sofas, chairs, screens, tables, name it, all for just L$10 or L$20!

There’s also a MASSIVE freebie box waiting for you downstairs…Totally fab, very generous and another reason that this store is so cool!
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Great textures at Tatty Soup…

Fabulous textures and vibrant shades with elements of shabby chic are the deal here at Tatty Soup. You’ll find three floors of bargains, and could easily kit out your home beautifully for not very much Linden at all! This couch is just L$100 for example and it looks great against the orange rug against the white-washed wooden floor. This is a store to visit for inspiration; you’ll come away with LOTS of ideas about how you can model the interior of your home.  There are great prints, lovely shelving units, a fantastic variety of plants (and even a potting shed!) as well as chairs, sofas, lamps…the list goes on. But wait; there’s even more!
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Mix ‘n’ match happy at Tatty Soup

See what I mean about eclectic? I’m loving this giraffe print sofa and chair, which looks great against the purple rug and tiled table. It *shouldn’t* work, yet it does, and that’s where the magic lies.  If you’re a great designer you can pull off mixing patterns and textures like these without any drama. It’s also a look that’s easy to replicate in your own home; but exercise caution.  Lindens don’t come cheap. Make sure that this kind of styling will suit your home to a ‘T’ before you splash out; it works best in contemporary styled builds BUT also looks great in more traditional wooden abodes. Always take your cue from the store display and if you’re not sure what would work best in your home, why not ask the designer to offer advice and styling tips?

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Tatty Soup ain’t so tatty!

If you’ve never been to Tatty Soup then I implore you to visit. I’m totally enchanted by the place; it sells a wide range of furnishings, knick-knacks and decoration for your home, all with a zesty, funky edge.

It’s bright, colourful and full of beautifully textured treasures that will really make your virtual home your own. They’ve set up in a temp store while they establish their own sim (exciting!) so until then let me share a few funky wares with you that you’ll find in store and want to have in your house for sure….
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