Kitty Adores The ‘Sansa’ Neck Corset From Lark, And Thinks You Will Too!

Kitty Adores The ‘Sansa’ Neck Corset From Lark, And Thinks You Will Too!


Here’s a thing.

Sometimes you have to try something that you normally wouldn’t to realise that not only will it work, but it will be bloody brilliant.  Kinda like snail porridge, if you’re Heston Blumenthal.

“Don’t knock it until you try it, “ so the saying goes.  Never have truer words been spoken.  

Not that I knocked the amazing ‘Sansa’  Neck Corsets by Lark.

No, dear reader, I admired them, because they are stunning creations indeed from the ever-so- talented Second Life designer,  Sienia Trevellion.  Trust me when I say that she’s a ruddy expert when it comes to beautiful clothing and furnishings. One of those designers who make you glad to be in Second Life.

Sienia bestowed a pack of these beautiful neck corsets upon me for which I was incredibly grateful, but I have to admit, they were somewhat out of my comfort zone.

Don’t get me wrong.  I could see that they were fabulous creations, but I had no idea if they would work for me.  They’re certainly not something that I would normally choose to wear; I’ve never been one for collars and the idea of wearing such a full one made me shudder if I’m honest. The flower decoration I had no issue with,  but I just didn’t know how I would wear these, and even more importantly, could I pull the look off?

Far be it for me to be ungrateful however.  If Sienia thought these would look good on me, then who was I to doubt her? I unboxed them carefully and slipped one around my neck…

..and my concerns soon buggered off out of the window (last seen flying past Skegness, it is a bit blustery outside after all!) because when I tried them on I fell in love


In fact, why I ever fretted about wearing these I have no idea, because as you can plainly see they look sodding brilliant even if I say so myself.  (JUST LOOK AT ME!! WHOOP! *Ahem*)

The corset-collar shape is perfectly balanced with just enough luxurious leather between neck and shoulder. The scalloped edge lends a refined touch, and the contrast flower embellishment completes the look to utter perfection. I feel like a glamorous vision wearing these! (In fact this is the most glam I’ve felt in an age!)

As well as fitting like a dream, there’s an accompanying HUD included as part of your ‘Sansa Neck Corset’ package which enables you to change colour of both the flower and the string (there are 8 fabulous options to select from)  meaning that you can create a multitude of looks to compliment any outfit.  Not only that, but Sienia has thoughtfully provided rigged and un-rigged sizes in the packs to enable you to find your perfect fit.


It’s strange isn’t it to think that I thought these wouldn’t work on my avatar because I think the look above is one of my strongest in Second Life yet, but both varieties, Blanc and Noir, offer the wearer some seriously mouth-watering outfit potential.

I’m going to stick my corset-sporting neck out and say I’m  pretty sure you’ll get oodles of wear out of these. 

For a start, the ‘Noir’ version has a certain dramatic feel that means it will work beautifully with your little black dress.  It will also coordinate just as well with a formal skirt ensemble, or a less formal frock.  Heck, I think you could even wear this with a camisole and jeans and still look a million dollars!


The ‘Blanc’ version, worn above, is more summery, yet also offers tons of possibilities.  It would make a perfect accompaniment to slip-on sandals and frock for a start, and it also struck me that if you’re getting wed in Second Life, why not consider this as the ultimate finishing touch to a Bridesmaid’s ensemble?   Add a plain white shift and heels et voila! A contemporary look for your occasion without breaking the bank. YAY!

Looking at these corsets you’d be inclined to think that because of the detail and finish these would be pricey pieces, but here’s the bonkers mad part..guys they cost just FIFTY lindens each.

Yup, L$50. No I’m NOT joking!

You can find both of the Sansa Neck Corsets at ‘The Retreat‘, a small recurring 2-week shopping event. The demos at this event include fully functioning HUD’s so every combination can be tested. Demos for every size (rigged and non-rigged) are also included, although to be honest for L$50 I’m almost inclined to say sod the demo and just buy both of them!

So there you have it, the Sansa Neck Corset from Lark. I thought I’d look a pigs-ear in these, not a reflection on them at all, but a total reflection on me. Instead, I think they’ve totally transformed my look into something very special indeed. In fact I’d go so far as to say they’ve made me feel alluring, stylish and super-windswept and interesting I’ve already had IM’s asking me where they’re from and I’ve only been sporting them a day!

In fact here’s my Kitty recommendation; buy both of them and be assured that not only have you purchased an utter bargain but an absolutely beautiful one to boot. 

I’m  so delighted to have these in my inventory, and plan on getting a LOT of wear out of them, and I’m sure you will too.

Click HERE to go to ‘The Retreat’ and pick up yours today!