Lovely In Liliskins (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge (Entry 12 of 30))

(Note: I’ve fallen way behind due to RL work, so here’s me starting a mahoosive kitty catch-up! GAH!)

One of the things I absolutely adore about Second Life is the ability to change your appearance on a whim. With a few clicks you can rapidly transform from human to something entirely different; be it a cyborg, an elemental creature or even a cardboard box. The limits are absolutely endless. Second Life is all about transition, change and development, and not just on a techy level.

Which is why for many of us it’s almost ridiculous that whilst we have so much diversity to choose from, we rarely venture from our core identities. Our shape our style of skin, our hair; we opt for variations on a theme and concentrate on polishing our avatar to an iridescent sparkle. We craft them over time; adding tweaks to the shape and finding a signature style that eventually becomes our look.  

And Kitty’s look has sure evolved over time. Back when I joined SL in 2006 I had no idea what I wanted her to look like. I plumped for a shape that was too skinny and top-heavy and her style took a while to evolve. As I’ve mentioned many times before, Second Life style blogs were just emerging at that time, and they were already proving their worth, helping me discover brands and be able to distinguish quality content creators from the sea of tat that was already filling the marketplace (or SLX as it was then) and certain corners of the virtual globe.

Like in real life, our image changes over time, but some things stay sacred. For example, in real life I have long locks, and I shudder when it’s time to have even a trim. But in Second Life, it’s very rare that you’ll see Kitty wearing anything longer than a shoulder length style. Bobs are Kitty’s thing, along with eyeliner, lashings of red lipstick, legwarmers, funky tees and jumpers and cats. (Obviously)

But even though Kitty’s core image rarely changes too dramatically, there’s one thing I do like to change almost as frequently as my underwear, and that’s my skin.  Skin making in Second Life is nothing short of an art in my eyes, and to be successful at it requires a deft hand and a delicate touch, and if there’s one thing I’m choosy about, it’s the skin that I wear.

My favourite skin designers have grown and changed over the years. I’ve always been a Curio girl at heart, but more recently I’ve tended towards Belleza. LAQ, Adam & Eve, Step Inside and Rockberry.  I love them all for different reasons and wear them for different occasions.  For example, if I want a skin with a funky make-up then at the moment I’m plumping for my Belleza skins with their perfect eye-shadows. A simpler look that can be dressed up or down with tattoo layers has me reaching for Izzie’s skins. If I’m seeking sheer luminosity and glow, perfect for wearing at a virtual beach, then that has me reaching for Step Inside’s ‘Runa’ line. There’s so much choice out there and I LOVE IT!!

A new brand for my list is Liliskins. Back in my early days of Second Life, before the dominance of brands like ETD and later Truth,my hair was often sourced at Calla. This empire was established by Tigerlily Koi, and she was expert at torturing prims into exotic tresses and created some of the best up-dos that the grid has ever seen.  As time passed and my tastes changed I veered towards other makers, but I still have acres of room in my inventory dedicated to Calla, and a few hairstyles I take out of dusty boxes and wear from time to time with a smile on my chops as they trigger happy memories.

Liliskins is Tigerlily’s contribution to the world of Second Life skin, and it’s a welcome addition indeed. 


Her store is  a reflection of her brand ethos and is elegant and beautifully lit with all her wares easy to see on display and purchase.  Not only that, but this is a store for the complete skin experience.  Tigerlily’s gone the whole hog, crafting skins, eyes and providing appliers for mesh boobs and slink hands and feet, so is offering a complete skin experience, from head to toe. You can even get dimples too!

When she dropped a parcel upon me of skins to try I was thrilled and enjoyed trying them on and thinking of the looks that could be best worn with them.The skins feature great colour, tone and shading but with a twist of nostalgia thrown in. These skins have an almost ‘traditional’ feel to them, retro if you will, but don’t for an instant think that’s a bad thing.  Oh no, far from it. These are skins that are less about complication and distraction yet totally about ease-of-wear and attractiveness. There’s no fuss and frippery, just a quality skin embellished with make-up that you can dress up or down as you see fit, knowing you look the part.  Confidence is key, even in a virtual world, and you can be confident wearing these skins for sure.


One of the flourishes that makes these skins different to others are the brows. They’re quite stylised, and almost Cara Delevinge heavy, but they frame the face and work extremely well with the make-ups that are available for the skins.

I mentioned that you could get all the appliers you could possibly want in store to enhance and provide the perfect finish to your look, but you can also add eyes into that equation. The eyes on sale here, at a very reasonable L$150, are well worth your time and Lindens, and feature some really lovely colour combinations. I really recommend the ‘Pale Olive Gold’. And when it comes to make up let me advise that the lipsticks here are just divine, with a pack featuring varying shades of gloss available for L$250.  My favourite being ‘Burnished Rose’, just delicious. 

Because I said there was a vintage feel to this skin, I’ve dressed it Gatsby-style for the shots. I added hair by TRAM, and a glorious roaring Twentie’s style frock by SENZAFINE to my skin ensemble. Looks the part, don’t you think? 


Last but not least, Liliskins is also holding a picture contest, and you have plenty of time to enter. It’s open until June 30th, and all you need to do is submit your photo to the Liliskins Flickr Group for the chance to win some heftily stocked gift cards to enable you to further expand your Liliskin range. What’s not to love? Whoop!

Support your local Tigerlily and help a poorly kitty!

There is SO much happening across the grid right now, hunts,’s hard to keep track….I feel overwhelmed by it all!

However, here’s a sale that is definitely worth checking out because not only do you get great hair, but you help a poorly kitty too…

Tigerlily Koi is the name behind Calla, one of the biggest hair and skin emporiums in Second Life, and this weekend she’s having a special sale.

The sale is to help pay Vets bills for her pet kitty, which you can read about here (he’s a beautiful cat btw) It seems Kitty has an abscess issue, and being a mum to 6 cats I can tell you from my own experience that abscesses are not fun to deal with (they stink) plus it looks as though he has a foreign body lodged in his leg…poor cat, he must be really going through it…and of course Tiger is because these kind of things cost $$$$$

So to raise funds Tigerlily is having a special sale…. All Sultry styles will be 50% off this weekend! Also, store cards are going to be on sale 25% off. Skins and shapes are  50% off.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy some gorgeous and help a much-maligned moggy.  (Sending big love and hugs to Tiger and Kitty xxx)

New hair by Calla…presenting “The Sultry Collection”

In Second Life there are designers,and then there are DESIGNERS. The ones who combine sheer talent and enthusiasm and work bloody hard to build profitable businesses and retain their status quo in world despite the stiffest of competition. This is no mean feat when you consider the economic downturn…and it means that the reason they are surviving is because what they make is so good, so special, that even in times like these it’s encouraging us to part with our dosh because we just KNOW it’ll be worth it. These are the people who understand that word of mouth goes a long way, and don’t skimp on their generosity to clients. They know that avatars value thier lindens, and expect to recieve the best goods they possibly can. Make no bones about it, catering to your audience is one of the biggest challenges any content creator can face. Keeping your fan base in the face of new competition is some achievement, and keeping your collections fresh in spite of all the challenges is enough to give you a permanent migraine. I couldn’t do it, I know that much! Consider this then, you’re raising a family (of six kids!) and you’re still finding time to create, prim by prim, some of the most glorious hair in world. You must be a bloody miracle worker…or a masochist? Well either way, step forward Tigerlily Koi, who has upped the standard of Second Life hair yet again with her latest release, the aptly named ‘Sultry Collection’, which is an entirely new range of stupendously textured and colorific hair! Now, you know me..I like my bobs..BUT this collection is so utterly lovely it persuaded me to indulge in all sorts of styles, including the stunner pictured here, ‘Celsia’. I’d wanted some new bunches for ages and these are spot on. Of course, being Calla releases means all the styles are scripted for perfect sizability (Ooh,I just made a word-yay me!) and the movement is just divine. The hair bounces beautifully, and my Dad was utterly transfixed by it during a try-on session round at Kitty Manor ( Note-he was watching me try the hair on, we weren’t both trying it because that would have been just plan weird) This hair is pure class dear readers, sheer skill and artistry combined, and even though I’m not really a fan of all things flouncy Calla hair is just so good that I cannot resist it. It’s like diets, you can stick at em and do really well, and then someone brings sweeties in to you have one..then another..and before you know it you’ve completely given in. I for one cannot fight the Calla urge anymore!
Go with it people, and pay Tigerlily a visit. There are demos a-plenty to try on (so much of the fun is in the trying!) Choose wisely though- these aren’t cheap hairstyles in either appearance or price. BUT at L$300 you are buying sheer class. There are 140 colours to choose from (Oh my!!) and the link I’ve provided HERE takes you straight to the new stuff. Incidentally, there’s a nice gift on the desk for you to enjoy because Calla has just celebrated it’s second anniversary, and it’s certain to be celebrating many, many more. I’ve also taken some Flickr pictures to demonstrate just a fraction of the styles on offer, which you can see by clicking my Flickr banner on the left. The focus is on texture, and more texture and sublime shaping and basically making you look completely frigging gorgeous. My fave styles apart from Celsia? Gerbera, Gladiolus and Argentine…but it’s so hard to choose. I haven’t even told you yet that SOME of the styles come with hats as well, yes, Winter is surely catered for at Calla! I have long hair in real life but it ain’t a patch in what Tigerlily creates..I want her to come and style my hair in real-life and make it look this good!!

Congratulations Tigerlily on all your hard work, it’s certainly aroused this Kitty’s passion:)

Click HERE to visit, but be warned-Calla is BUSY!! (Another good sign!) and take some serious spends with you!


Calla have just blogged about their latest skin releases and by heck they’re good. I’m *very* picky about the skin that I am in. The majority of last year saw me in the very first skin I ever bought, from Naughty designs. I blogged about it on here that it felt wrong to change my skin and I wasn’t going to do it..then I realised that I was talking from betwixt my perfectly formed buttocks. I’ve come to realise that the very best skins don’t actually change my appearance that much, but enhance it in different ways..and with all the make up options that are available I’d be plain stupid to not even consider it. So I now have skins from lots of places- Artilleri, Total Betty, RaC..etc. The question is should I add Calla to that list? Having never tried a Calla skin before I was eager to try out the demos that Tigerlily Koi had sent me, and they are very nice indeed. One of the most striking facial features are the lips, which have been created with a lovely deep shine in the bottom centre that looks great, and when smiling the teeth look good (trust me, this is important. Some skins I own that are absolutely wonderful look absolutely shite when I do a wide grin) In particular I’m very impressed with the blood red lips option.I prefer red lipstick above any other colour and on this skin they look absolutely tantalising:) But it’s not just about the mush, it’s also the shading on the chops and the eyeshadow options – the overall ‘feel’ of the face that make for a good skin, and this does well on all counts. The eyeshadow options are lovely, and one particular feature that I really love is the little mole…as someone with more than her fair shair of moles on her chops in RL (when I was a little girl I thought they represented constellations, as you do..I’ve always been prone to fanciful ideas!) I liked seeing a skin with one, it adds some authenticity, and a touch of class. Lighting has been worked into the texture of the skin in a very professional way, highlighting areas like the wee dimple above the top lip to perfection, and the nose and nostril shaping are equally good. Behind closed doors (in other words, nekkid) the body detailing on this skin is sublime. Great shading and toning on areas like the shoulder blades and butt. The ‘lady garden’ area is neat and the boobs are fine, although I do think all skin makers should include prim nipples as part of the package please. ( I know that sounds bizarre, but if you ask me you need them for naked moments-and if they’re part of the skin you can bet that the tone on them will be perfect. Buying them separately is a bit of a pain..and before you say anything else *I know* I could be less lazy and make my own but hey, this is me you’re talking to!) Downside to this skin? well, picky mare that I am I didn’t like the eyebrows..I like mine to have a tad more ‘oomph’, but not in a Dennis Healey way (Old-school Labour politician, hairiest eyebrows this side of Jupiter)Wearing this skin was a huge amount of fun because I picked a more tanned skin tone than I normally wear and do you know it looked *amazing*…I’d only picked the darker colour out of sheer devilment (out for a drink and a natter with my Dad) but he even said it looked great, and Dad doesn’t do compliments easily (My nickname for my Dad in RL is ‘Miserable Scottish Git’ because, well he is. But he’s *MY* MSG so that’s all that matters:) However, as much as he liked the skin he didn’t like the tattoos I was wearing…pffffttt ( Stop laughing at the elderly you meany!) Anyway, the skin I am wearing is:‘Calla Evening glow lined blood red Cindy’  I’ve not ventured over to Calla yet to check out the prices etc, and the prices aren’t up on the Callatropia blog , but I am sorely tempted by the skin you see in the picture, what do you think?