Anyone who knows me even an ickle, tiny, weeny bit in-world knows that I have a bit of a NYLON PINKNEY obsession. If I had to confess to super fan-girling over a particular person in Second Life, then Nylon (unluckily for her) is the one.  Oh, and yes I also fan-girl squee on a regular basis over Strawberry Singh, Draxtor Despres, Torley Linden, Hyasynth Tiramisu, Allegory Malaprop,Canary Beck and Codebastard Redgrave, to name check but a few of the awesome avatars that inhabit our Second Life.

 For me, Nylon encapsulates everything that I love in real life, and she brings that all over into Second Life in her own inimitable fashion. She’s the SLebrity in Second Life I would struggle to talk to the most  because faced with her in-world I’m worried that I would open my mouth and say something like “You’re so cool” and faint.  (Basically embarrassing myself even more than I normally do, which for me would be pretty impressive, don’t you think?) I did actually run into Nylon and Polyester at an event a few years ago and engage them in very limited conversation actually, but they’re too cool for me!

Nylon’s quirky style and her amazing creativity just never fail to impress and amaze me. I always look forward to new releases from her, and when it’s an ARCADE round, well, oh man, I know which Gacha machine will be getting my Lindens first!  I don’t really know why I’m such a fan,  but I think it’s because of the way that she uses colours in her artworks  and the style in which  that she actually draws.  I think my admiration is rooted in a little bit of envy to be honest, purely because I covet her art so much.  She has an amazing imagination. If I was talented enough to be able to draw then Nylon’s approach would be what I would most like to evoke; it just flows and she captures the spirit of the avatars she portrays in her work perfectly.  There’s a warped, edgy humour in the workshe creates too that really resonates with me, and a vitality in the expressions she portrays on her digital canvas. Her style is bold, brazen and unafraid, and it’s always been my opinion that when you wear NYLON PINKNEY you’re (to borrow a Torley Linden phrase) ‘amplifying your awesome’ to the power of ten zillion!

Can you imagine how excited I was to see that Drax was featuring Nylon as the next avatar to focus upon in his seminal THE DRAX FILES:WORLD MAKERS series? (Number 27 already!!)

I confess to being super curious to see what Nylon was like in RL and she looks awesome, as does her twin sister, who happens to be the ever incredible POLYESTER PARTRIDGE. Confession time: I never knew they were sisters, let alone twins,  but it was always obvious they were incredibly in tune with each other because their styles are so complimentary. The fact that they’re twins just  blew my brain if I’m honest. Polyester makes stunning jewellery which she releases under the Yummylabel, and trust me, it really, really is.  I do have a confession to make though, I didn’t know they were behind the PAPER COUTURE label until I saw the video! (I feel incredibly stupid for not knowing because now I do know, it’s kind of obvious. I never said I was intelligent! This is a fab look at Nylon in world, but if you’d like to check out her artwork in real life then you really need to click here. You can also commission a portrait (How awesome would that be?!) by following the link here

Anyway, turn on the video and transport yourself to another realm with the help of your guide, Draxtor Despres and thank the pixel Gods that Draxtor creates these amazing glimpses into our second lives. I assure you our real world would be  far less colourful without them! 

Has Project Interesting Impacted Your Second Life?

In a less than positive way? The reason I ask is since Friday I’ve had unbelievable problems getting into Second Life, and when I finally manage to get in, I am surrounded by grey goo, the kind of which I haven’t experienced since 2007.

It was also around the time that Project Interesting started to get a lot of publicity and cause a buzz on the grid. If you aren’t familiar with this term, here’s a video narrated by the ever-amazing Torley Linden about it:

Now I do not know for certain that this is what is causing my problems, but it’s very coincidental. I know a few other Plurk friends and at least one other blogger who are experiencing issues as well.  Linden Lab, what the chuff have you done?!

It’s all kinds of frustrating, and if I’m being honest, upsetting too. I adore my Second Life, and I adore writing about it, but this issue has had such an impact upon me at the moment that I’m finding it hard to take photographs successfully let alone blog! (Hence my lack of updates this week.)

So what happens?  Well, when logging in I get stuck at the ‘Requesting Region Capabilities’ bar; it attempts three times before it tells me that ‘we’re having trouble connecting, there may be a problem with your internet connection or the Second Life Grid’.  Well, my internet connection is absolutely fine; I work from home so it’s imperative that my connection is viable. Nothing has changed for me; if anything I’ve been enjoying rude health in SL since I got my new graphics card. I’d fallen head over heels in love with my virtual world again, and now this issue has reared its incredibly ugly head.

If I do manage to get in-world successfully then I see grey goo.  Items in my immediate environment take an age to load, and then when they do often they blur (usually when I am trying to take pictures, grr!) I’m also experiencing issues rezzing items.

In the grand scheme of things this isn’t the end of the world, of course it’s not, but when the virtual world is such an important part of your life, as it is mine, then it’s paramount you can access it successfully. If I could turn back time I’d turn back to a week ago, when my Second Life was running smoothly and alas, it’s breaking me. Project Interesting? Project pain-in-the-arse more like.

Are you having issues in Second Life? What kind of issues are you experiencing, or have you found a solution? If you have any ideas, please help and post a comment below! 

It’s all Torley Linden’s fault…

..if that lovely, multi-talented, watermelon obsessed wunderkind hadn’t posted THIS on his Twitter then I wouldn’t have my knickers in a right royal bloody twist now would I?  WEEEEEEE!!!

Deep breath…Soda Skin Designer!! EEEEPPPSSS!!! UBER EEPPAGE AHOY!

Torley Dazzled!

Y’know, I’ve read some truly rotten stuff written about Torley over the months that I’ve been a resident in SL.  People wittering on about how he sold his soul to the devil when he converted into a Linden, blah blah blah. Utter nonsense if you ask me. The Lindens benefit immensely from having him on board, I think he’s a fantastic assett to the company. The main reason  I like Torley so much is because I adore the enthusiasm that he has for the platform that we use. Yes, SL can be a bugger sometimes but sheesh, it gets fixed eventually! Lag and getting kicked out are right pains in the butt and I’m the first to flap when that happens, but we live in an amazing creation and we should appreciate it for what it provides us with a heck of a lot more than we do.  Real life has it’s limitations just as much as Second Life does, and if SL is that much of an annoyance to you you can leave it.  Alas RL isn’t that simple!Anyway, I’ve detracted somewhat but Torely has written a fantastic piece on the official blog about the new Dazzle interface.  I knew bugger all about it until I saw Codie’s post on her Twitter, checked it out and found Torley’s post.  It looks pretty cool, and like he points out-aesthetics matter. A change is as good as a rest after all! 

Read his post here and enjoy, it’s extremely eloquent and I think if he arrived on my doorstep and with the same magniloquence and tried to sell me a timeshare I’d bite his arm off straightaway!