Kitty is most amused by ‘Amuse’ and happy to ‘Follow Us’

Kitty is most amused by ‘Amuse’ and happy to ‘Follow Us’


One of the things I LOVE about SL is the quirkiness. There’s originality to be found in-world, along with humour, and that element of fun and eccentricity that a lot of similar virtual environments just can’t provide. It’s captivating.  I especially adore the little things; the decorations, the ornaments, the frippery that make a virtual house a home. So I was investigating the Marketplace for bits and bobs when I came across the most amazing bottles of wine for sale.

They’re available from a store called ‘Amuse’, created by Amuse Bouche, and I must be honest, I laughed like a drain when I saw them. After all, how many of us liken white wine to cat’s piss? Well, there’s a wine for that courtesy of his store, ‘Amuse’! Even better, click on the bottle and you’ll get a glass! (Incidentally the glasses for each wine are great, some have animated bubbles!)

These bottles are perfect for the home or bar.  The labels are just brilliant, perfectly rendered and I want MORE of them. They’re a real bargain at L$25 each too. Admittedly, not copy, but they’re mesh and with a land impact of just one they’re a home essential.

I’ve got three bottles on the go at the mo, as you can see from the picture. What can I say, I’m a lush. I’ve got the aforementioned ‘Cat’s Piss’ (lovely fragrant bouquet that one!) I also have a bottle of ‘Witches Brew’ (Well, what do you expect? It is me after all!) And for after a hard day at work, what could be more relaxing than a bottle of ‘Shit Creek’?  There are sixteen bottles in the collection, and if you click HERE you can visit the market place to check them all out. I want more though, I think they’re absolutely brilliant. I also want Amuse to sell a fat pack of all the bottles, as well as mesh wine racks to display them in, wouldn’t that be fabulous?)

Incidentally there’s a lovely bottle that would be perfect for Valentine’s day, ‘Love Potion #9’, which would look great as part of a display.  There’s also Moonshine, Absinthe and lovely, honeyed Mead! Brilliant work Amuse, please Sir, can we have some more?!

You’ll also see in my picture a roaster and a lovely tray from ‘Follow Us’.  The tray replete with mug, spoon and croissant is just L$1 and it’s rather sweet!  The toaster and jars were part of a kitchen set that includes toaster, mixer, toast, butter, jam, nutella and a couple of bowls of coffee for L$59. I like the jars and the toast, although the toaster itself is a bit plain, but the items are mesh and you can’t grumble at the price for props. (There are other mesh toasters available by other creators, but I’m not paying L$399 for a toaster unless it actually bakes the bread, toasts it, butters it and then serves it me in bed!)  ‘Follow Us’ is actually a natty wee store; there are loads of bargains to be had and lots of mesh items, so do take the time to check it out if you’re looking for homewares. They do lots of kitchen related items, as well as furniture, pictures and decorative items all at great prices and all mesh as far as I can tell.

Right, bugger off and leave me alone. I’m like a Kitty with a sore head in the mornings until I’ve had my coffee cat’s piss…