XStreetSL Dance Sales Fiasco..

Now, here’s an absolute CORKER.  Question: How do you fight content theft when Linden Lab seem completely (or wilfully?) oblivious to it?!

Take a peek at this Ad : 230 High Quality Dances. Wonderful Gift  L$250

The standard rule of thumb that I go with for living my life is the same one as should be applied here; if something seems too good to be true, then it usually is.

Yes, that’s right, someone is flogging these dances on X-Street claiming full-perm resale rights as their get-out clause, but if that’s true that’s some serious undercutting don’t you think? In fact, selling them that cheap should mean that this remains at the top spot for X-Street sales for the forseeable future! This product is being promoted on X-Street and has actually been the number 1 seller over the weekend, which is no surprise when you consider the credentials of the dances that are included from creators such as Akeyo, Sinewave and Abraminations…but what has got a lot of avatars up in arms is not just the blatant selling and promotion of these items, but the fact that it’s taken X Street so long to act that they are STILL on sale as I write this (Don’t buy them, you won’t received them now apparently!) There’s a heated debate in the comments section as you can imagine, but it makes me wonder who actually vets ads such as these when they are submitted for inclusion. Do they know anything of the virtual world in which we live? A quick hunt for Akeyo would have shown that many of these items are still available..or is vision clouded by sales commission? If anything the message it appears to be sending to would-be rogue sellers that they have a couple of days to get the most out of their fraud before X Street get wise to it, and that means a couple of days profits…

Take a look at the comments and see what you think…you may need popcorn and a comfy seat.

Kitty the over-enthusiastic Neko…

I may have just stumbled across the bargain of the century, especially if you are Neko inclined..in fact this is pretty major, because the quality and amount of wonderfulness included in this package is just stunning for the dosh. See the outfit? See the ears? The tail? The cherries? ( I’m only wearing a fraction of it as well) Guess how much?!
Bloody bargain of gargantuan proportions if you ask me. The outfit is from XstreetSL, from a creator called ‘ K&L’
Never heard of them before BUT I certainly will be keeing an eye out for them now!
First of all what impresses me most of all about this outfit is the cut off shirt..the texture, transparency and the wrinkling upon this shirt is some of the best I have EVER seen.

It’s bloody ace, seriously! The pants are cracking too;again transparent and well, don’t they look fab? I love the bangles (which in my opinion you can never have enough of) and the stockings and..well, this is what you get:
*Cut sweater
*Transparent cut sweater
*Red striped tank top
*Black and red starry bra
*Black and red starry panties
*Transparent hotpants
*Denim mini skirt
*Tall red striped socks
*Bangles (right and left)
*Fluffy neko tail with bow and streamers
*Twitchy neko ears
*Red and black legwarmers with bows
*Fuzzy neko paws w/ and w/o pawprint effect
*Red guitar pick necklace
*Cherries to hold in your mouth

Like I said, I’m not wearing all of it, but the quality and quantity of items in this package makes me ever so happy in a very special Kitty way.

If you do Neko, or are just starting out YOU MUST buy this. Even if you don’t do Neko YOU MUST buy this ( just don’t bother with the ears and tail)

In honour of the splendidness of this generous booty I’m remaining in Neko guise all weekend, and if you’re curious I’m also wearing some NEW hair from Magika that is rather beautiful dontcha think? (The skin is by Redgrave, and the shape is coming soon from me, obviously:) Why are you still reading this? BUGGER OFF AND BUY THIS OUTFIT!