It’s Rainin’ Again…

Ooh it’s rainin’ again’ as the song goes (Dunno who it’s by but whenever it’s throwing it down outside it always pops in my head) Anyway, welcome to my bloggy bit of the old t’internet.  The name’s O’Toole, Kitty O’Toole and this is my bloglet.  I shall fill it with inane witterings that no-one cares about so that I can pander my ego.  Now, here’s a thought- ‘Do avatars have egos?’ Discuss.  Whatever- the picture above is of me relaxing on my bloke in a hammock. That’s what they’re for, men- laying on.  Make sure you’re comfy with no regard for them whatsoever, the duvet is MINE, goddammit!I’m a tad bored a book though ( yes, I can read-ho ho!) ‘The Unofficial Guide to Second Life’, and it’s ok but actually you really only need to purchase it within your first month of being in world.  After a few months, you’ve been to most of the places it mentions. It’s a shame really because it’s not badly written, just a tad pointless.  The one thing it’s good for tho is jogging the old memory, and remembering places to visit. Even though I have bookmarks and landmarks a plenty, I *still* have to write certain things down lest I forget them. It’s just the way my grey matter works, I’m not really 79 years old.


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