Rollin’,rollin’, rollin’….

Woah! We went horse riding last night and it was fabbo;)

Noodlin’ at Mcleans Farm

Met up with my buddy DeeDee Fadoodle ( cool name huh?) and she was investigating some rather fabbo horses at Mcleans Farm in Olive.  We took a few out for a demo ( which was great fun, basically you just wear them on your pelvis and they stomp, whinney, neigh, trot and even poop, which is nice!) and basically both ended up buying them because they are just too cute:)

Me and my horsey!

Cue loads of fun whizzing around on our horses….it was only tempered for me by my first ever experience of a griefer.  What an absolute TIT. Basically bounced me out of the sim twice, and then proceeded to drop anvils on my head….this is one Kitty who ain’t afraid to get her claws out mind.  I think he knew I was mad…

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