New hotness from Sissy Pessoa!

Last night I wandered over to Baiastice, which is one of my favourite fashion emproriums in SL. As I mentioned before on this blog, Sissy Pessoa, who is the designer behind the brand, creates exceptionally well textured high fashion wares. They aren’t just well textured though, the movement that she captures in her garments is just sublime…they’re amazingly well structured. Her latest releases are no exception to this rule. The outfit that I’m wearing here is called ‘Duel’, and is just perfect. I don’t know if the title is inspired by the Propaganda song of the same name, but it certainly ‘Makes you wonder’ as to where Sissy gets her ideas from. (See what I did there?LOL) If you’d like a flavour of Baiastice but without the price tag then hop on over to her main store and indulge yourself for NOWT in the freebie box, which features some fantastic summer separates.

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