This Kitty Has Claws…

Demon Kitty

Because Halloween falls on a Friday this year, many parties have extended into the weekend and my social network timelines are full of fantastic costumes and glorious ghouls in both real and second lives. Sadly, I’ve not been able to partake of any parties in either domain purely because I’m on call for RL work this weekend; which means that you can pretty much guarantee a call if I you’re enjoying yourself! So, I opted to play it safe, and wasn’t going to log in (because I’d feel left out) when I got an email to tell me that I’d received a rather special Halloween present. And oh my word, it’s pretty spectacular…

Baiastice Collage

This is the Dahlia Dress from BAIASTICE, and as usual SISSY PESSOA has nailed it again. ‘It’ of course meaning stunning fashion with fantastic texture, detail and design.

This is an astonishing gown; it features a gorgeous damask fabric with an intricate corset design to the front. The back plunges, allowing it to be worn with this sensational collar accessory, which features a fantastic mesh spine! To bring the elements together there’s a stylish hat  and matching gloves too.  The hat is adorned with ribbons and foliage and finishes with a grand veil across the front. The mesh fits extremely well, and the gloves with their eye-popping (literally) sharp claws make for a particularly thrilling touch.  It’s a breathtaking ensemble. If your kind of Halloween is high-class, then this is the outfit for you. I felt beautiful in this, really elegant but with a demonic edge. The imagination and craftsmanship that has gone into creating this is clearly on show for all to see, and it sure turns heads. I’ve been complimented on this dress a number of times and it’s been a real pleasure to point avatars in the direction of UBER SL, where the Dahlia Dress collection can be found.

Obviously I’ve opted for red, but the gown is available in ten colours, which makes it incredibly versatile. There’s even a white version, which would make an absolutely dazzling alternative/ Gothic wedding dress. The spine is detachable should you want a little more formality to your outfit, but why you would want to remove it is beyond me, it looks so striking and unexpected when you turn around. Congratulations Sissy on this amazing collection!

Baiastice Dahlia

Baiastice ‘Dahlia’ Dress – L$495/Fatpack L$3435

‘Dahlia’ Gloves – L$225/ Fatpack L$1750

‘Dahlia’ Hat – L$195/Fatpack L$1325

Here’s your Taxi to UBERSL

New hotness from Sissy Pessoa!

Last night I wandered over to Baiastice, which is one of my favourite fashion emproriums in SL. As I mentioned before on this blog, Sissy Pessoa, who is the designer behind the brand, creates exceptionally well textured high fashion wares. They aren’t just well textured though, the movement that she captures in her garments is just sublime…they’re amazingly well structured. Her latest releases are no exception to this rule. The outfit that I’m wearing here is called ‘Duel’, and is just perfect. I don’t know if the title is inspired by the Propaganda song of the same name, but it certainly ‘Makes you wonder’ as to where Sissy gets her ideas from. (See what I did there?LOL) If you’d like a flavour of Baiastice but without the price tag then hop on over to her main store and indulge yourself for NOWT in the freebie box, which features some fantastic summer separates.