In Memoriam: Yves Saint Laurent

Fashionistas all over the grid should don their best black pantsuit, turtleneck or blazer today and wear it in loving remembrance of Yves Saint Laurent who has died at the age of 71. Without his influence, the fashion that we love so much in the real world, and of course on the grid, would be completely different; for it was Yves who created some of the most iconic fashion statements which have since become everyday garb for a lot of us. Don’t believe me? Well, it was Yves who introduced us to such essential items Yves Saint Laurent was the first designer to produce ready-to-wear collections, and was behind the ‘Beat Look’ which has recently regained popularity in the mainstream (although true aficionados know that such classic style never goes away).

Despite his personal insecurities he was a fashion leader, not a follower, and was the first designer to feature a black model in one of his shows. This seems so commonplace to us now that it’s hard to imagine a world where such a move world be considered controversial!

Wikipedia has more on his fashion and features links to websites where you can see some of his most beautiful creations. RIP Yves, your sense of style will never be forgotten.

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