Kittywitchin has had over 200,000 page views!


I’m feeling quite emotional today, but in a good way.  Y’see, overnight Kittywitchin’ surpassed 200000 page views, and for me that is an enormous personal achievement.  I’m absolutely stoked by this.

As I’ve written many times before Kittywitchin’ has never been anything other than the blog of an ardent Second Life hobbyist; and even after 8 years of writing about Second Life I’ve still got so much to learn about the darn place!  But one thing has remained constant, and that is the love I have for the virtual world that I also call home.

This past fortnight has been a challenge.  Windows 10 really messed up my ability to log in and blog, but slowly and surely (and thanks to my amazing tech-wizard boyfriend) things are starting to get back to normal. My PC isn’t quite as sick as it was, and I can actually rez in-world for the moment without crashing spectacularly. Huzzah!

Not being able to log in really brought it home how much my virtual life means to me.  I was in despair at a few points during the week. It’s beyond a habit for me now;  I do actually have to log-in as part of my day, even if just for a few minutes.  I’m like Parzival in ‘Ready Player One’ logging into the Oasis on a daily basis and  although I don’t  yet have a haptic suit and gloves,  I do have 3D glasses and I hope to get an Oculus Rift when they (hopefully) launch in Spring 2016.  That will bring a whole new element to my time in world!

What is Kittywitchin’s next goal? Well, for the immediate future it’s to keep writing about Second Life.  But further on down the line I don’t know if I will be writing about Second Life or Project Sansar. As someone who adores her current virtual existence the idea of leaving this occasionally buggy and often frustrating world for a next-gen platform is actually quite hard to even contemplate at the moment.

So until then Kittywitchin’ will carry on, faithfully documenting the many shopping trips I make, the events that  I visit and most of all sharing with you the fun that I hope, no I’m sure, that I will continue to have in this mad, crazy metaverse that I call home.

Thank you so very much for reading my blog.

(Now, if everyone can just get out of Kustom 9 so I can get in, that would be super-awesome!)

LOTD: Kitty’s feeling FROCKY!


Back after my holiday break, and what a wonderful birthday I had. Once again thank you so much for the wishes. I thought I’d ease myself back in nicely and feature an Autumnal LOTD today.

Now, you all know me well enough by now to know that I do like a good frock. (I said frock you perverts!)And there are many, many good frocks out there to be had on the grid, including this extremely nifty wee number from DCNY.

Apparently there was a version of this Boho dress included in Fifty Linden Friday on the 13th, BUT alas I was away so missed my opportunity to grab a copy.  And I would have done, with much gusto too, because this is a very pretty dress indeed.

I like the shape which perfectly fulfils the boho brief without being too fussy, and it wears incredibly well with boots making it perfect Autumnal fayre.  But thevery  best thing about this dress? Well that will be the choice of patterns and colours that are available in-srore. There’s a version for every occasion.

So dress it up with a floppy hat and boots and long flowing locks, or add a razor sharp haircut, heels and statement jewellery.  Either way it works. Fits like a dream, and looks the part. What more could a girl about Second Life ask for?

What are you waiting for? Let’s get frocking!

Kitty wears: 

Dress: Boho Baby Dress  in Gingerbread DCNY 

Bag: RICIELLI ‘The Birkin Bag’ (Croco) (TDR Fusion)

Skin: BELLEZA Leila Med 3 (The Boutique)

Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes ‘Blush’ M (The Boutique)

Boots :Color Me H.O.F Rider in Oxblood (The Arcade)

Hair:  Boys&Girls 46 (Sienna) DURA

Hands: SLINK Updated hands!! (Check out Strawberry’s fabulous post about them here) 

Earrings/Necklace :IZZIES ‘Leaves’ Jewellery (TDR Fusion) 

Bargains Galore? Ain’t that the TRUTH

Yes, you read right..TRUTH is having a HUGE sale. Forget the real life credit crunch, spend all your Linden dosh on designer goodness from TRUTH and you will be a very satisfied shopper indeed. It’s not just womenswear either, there’s plenty of menswear on offer to tempt you , with prices slashed across the entire range. Clothing bargains start at just L$10!!! (It may come as no surprise to you that I spent my entire months clothing allowance within five minutes..EEEKKK!) Another reason for splurging?One of the very best things about TRUTH has always been the yummy hairstyles. Oh boy, the hair is just utterly fabbo, and with prices now reduced to L$50 for regular packs you would be an utter plebeian of gargantuan proportions to miss this one. Shock horror, there are also lovely men’s hairstyles available..weee!  Here’s the press release:

*TRUTH* Discontinue Sale

TRUTH store is discontinuing all current mens and womens clothing along with the current hair textures.


Regular packs – 50L

Tip packs – 150L

Fat packs – 350L

ALL clothing marked down starting from 10L (excl. tattoos and shoes).

Retirement of items will run til further notice – NEW STORE COMING SOON!

Remember the historic (and often hysterical) Last Call sale? This one has the potential to be just as big… in fact I popped in at 8am UK time this morning and it was already heaving…click HERE now!

In Memoriam: Yves Saint Laurent

Fashionistas all over the grid should don their best black pantsuit, turtleneck or blazer today and wear it in loving remembrance of Yves Saint Laurent who has died at the age of 71. Without his influence, the fashion that we love so much in the real world, and of course on the grid, would be completely different; for it was Yves who created some of the most iconic fashion statements which have since become everyday garb for a lot of us. Don’t believe me? Well, it was Yves who introduced us to such essential items Yves Saint Laurent was the first designer to produce ready-to-wear collections, and was behind the ‘Beat Look’ which has recently regained popularity in the mainstream (although true aficionados know that such classic style never goes away).

Despite his personal insecurities he was a fashion leader, not a follower, and was the first designer to feature a black model in one of his shows. This seems so commonplace to us now that it’s hard to imagine a world where such a move world be considered controversial!

Wikipedia has more on his fashion and features links to websites where you can see some of his most beautiful creations. RIP Yves, your sense of style will never be forgotten.