LOTD: Kitty’s feeling FROCKY!

LOTD: Kitty’s feeling FROCKY!


Back after my holiday break, and what a wonderful birthday I had. Once again thank you so much for the wishes. I thought I’d ease myself back in nicely and feature an Autumnal LOTD today.

Now, you all know me well enough by now to know that I do like a good frock. (I said frock you perverts!)And there are many, many good frocks out there to be had on the grid, including this extremely nifty wee number from DCNY.

Apparently there was a version of this Boho dress included in Fifty Linden Friday on the 13th, BUT alas I was away so missed my opportunity to grab a copy.  And I would have done, with much gusto too, because this is a very pretty dress indeed.

I like the shape which perfectly fulfils the boho brief without being too fussy, and it wears incredibly well with boots making it perfect Autumnal fayre.  But thevery  best thing about this dress? Well that will be the choice of patterns and colours that are available in-srore. There’s a version for every occasion.

So dress it up with a floppy hat and boots and long flowing locks, or add a razor sharp haircut, heels and statement jewellery.  Either way it works. Fits like a dream, and looks the part. What more could a girl about Second Life ask for?

What are you waiting for? Let’s get frocking!

Kitty wears: 

Dress: Boho Baby Dress  in Gingerbread DCNY 

Bag: RICIELLI ‘The Birkin Bag’ (Croco) (TDR Fusion)

Skin: BELLEZA Leila Med 3 (The Boutique)

Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes ‘Blush’ M (The Boutique)

Boots :Color Me H.O.F Rider in Oxblood (The Arcade)

Hair:  Boys&Girls 46 (Sienna) DURA

Hands: SLINK Updated hands!! (Check out Strawberry’s fabulous post about them here) 

Earrings/Necklace :IZZIES ‘Leaves’ Jewellery (TDR Fusion) 

LOTD: The light is changing and Autumn is on her way..

LOTD: The light is changing and Autumn is on her way..

ImageSo here I am taking a breather behind a rock and having a think about a few things. (This is my intelligent thinking face, stop laughing at the back!)

I’ve actually managed to get into The Arcade a couple of times now (although not for long sadly, I maxed out at five minutes before I was unceremoniously booted out.) As a result of my swift sojourn there  I have a superfluous amount of oars in my inventory because the Apple Fall Gacha clearly hates me. (I’m desperately trying to get the rare sideboard!) I was lucky enough to get the tall cabinet and believe me it is a thing of sheer beauty, but then, so many items in this round of The Arcade are, and it’s hard to know where to start once you do get in. I’ve actually taken to sitting outside, behind the venue on the chairs and camming in which is a useful tactic if you don’t want to be bamboozled by busty avatars and unceremoniously booted out of the way by toddlededoodles or whatever the child avatars are called these days.

As you can tell by the picture I got my paws on some CURIO OBSCURA boots and I think they are nothing less than extraordinary. In fact, my mind is completely boggled by the Gachas this round. I knew that they were going to be good, but blooming heck, they’re outstanding! In fact,it’s really hard not to completely lose your way on them and just throw all your money at them.  You know, the content creators who have worked on this event must be making an absolute fortune, and quite right too. The effort that has gone into the whole enterprise is there for all to see, and everyone involved deserves to do well from it. I actually find myself just staring at the creations I see on the screen before me in sheer wonder at what has been made.  It’s almost meta-wonder too; I’m staring in wonder at something in a virtual world that someone in the real world made for it. Kind of makes the brain boggle a bit doesn’t it? 

So, the reason for this post.  I happened across a really useful blogpost during the week that features a listing of various yard sales which is very handy to have  if you’re keen to hunt down a particular item. I actually had to put a plea on Plurk for said blogpost too, because I thought I had bookmarked it and was seriously alarmed when I realised that I hadn’t.  (Amazingly enough someone identified exactly what I was looking for by my asking if anyone..”Knew of a blog post by a lady-blogger that features a list of yard sales..”  Plurk really is a clever wee community when it wants to be!)

So the blog post can be found here, and it’s rather blinking good as a comprehensive yard sale starting point. I realise that more locations will have been added since the post was published, but even so it’s a more than adequate way to plan your yardsale tour.  It’s on a blog called ‘All About The Little’, which is a blog aimed at the child avatar community, and even though child avatars are not my thing I do recognise the very important role that they play in many a person’s Second Life. It’s actually a really nice blog too; professionally laid out and very informative too. It’s clearly a labour of love for Addison Faye and aims to keep the kids community up to date with events on the grid, and in my opinion does a cracking job of it.  And if Google docs are more your thing, get your eyes on THIS LIST too! LOOK AT ALL THE SALES, CAN YOU EVEN?!

A final thought, if you’ve had your fill of all things Gacha,  let me frustrate you even further by telling you that this month’s round of Collabor88 has started and it’s a flipping corker.

But don’t despair too much, at least you might be able to get into The Arcade now! 

Kitty Wears:

Hair: Boys & Girls 46 in Sienna by DURA

Eyes:  Ascension Eyes in Sahara (M) by IKON

Skin: Leila (#7) by BELLEZA (The Arcade) 

Nails: Nail Polish from ADORE & ABHOR (Fifty Linden Friday, 6th September)

Scarf:  Skull Burgundy By MILK MOTION (previous Arcade round; you may be able to find at Yard Sales)

Dress:  Oversized Sweatshirt by CYNFUL

Boots:  Mish-mash Carnivale Abomination Boots by CURIO OBSCURA (The Arcade)

…Oh, and pile cream from Preparation Ouch, I knew I shouldn’t have sat on this draughty cold floor for so long! 


Friday Frocks And Frolics Galore!

Friday Frocks And Frolics Galore!

No, I’m NOT going to post about The Arcade again today.

But I AM going to post about some fabulous threads; in this case two dresses and a jacket.
First up is ONE BAD PIXEL’s beautiful new mesh dress release called simply ‘Jersey Tank Dress’. A bit of an understated title for a not-so understated frock. It’s available in a number of colours from the main store. I really like the way I look in this little number, and especially rate the fact that there’s a main colour contrasted by an offset complementary shade which makes for a very on trend style. Dressed up with heels and a smart jacket, or with a scarf, or under a coat or however you want to wear it the effect is the same. It’s simple and stylish and a very worthy addition to your wardrobe, especially in this ‘Biscuit’ combination. (Rest assured dear reader that your intrepid blogger licked it, expecting a digestive flavour, but I was sadly disappointed.)

Oh and while we’re on the subject of ONE BAD PIXEL I actually have cause for complaint. That name is a TOTAL misnomer, there isn’t a bad pixel for sale in that store at all, they’re all rather grand if you ask me.


My second Friday Frock is this lovely Plum number from MICHAMI.

I tend very much towards plain items and I’m NOT that adventurous when it comes to prints, preferring my outfit details (such as pattern and texture)  to predominantly come from the accessories  that I wear, so plain colours are always win for me. This MICHAMI ‘Kiia’ dress was therefore a must purchase because it’s my favourite plummy shade, but buyer beware, just because it’s a plain does NOT mean it’s boring.  For one thing there is excellent creasing around the body of this dress.  It gives this frock a great ‘worn’ feel.  It also has stitched detailing to the waist that I can’t really describe effectively here, and you can’t see because I’m wearing a jacket, so you’ll need to go and see it in store.

BUT HURRY! The reason I discovered this glorious wee number is because MichaMi is closing, so there’s a 50% sale at the main store.

Like the One Bad Pixel number in my first pic, this will lend itself well to wearing in a multitude of styles. I think this one will get a lot of wear with leggings and boots actually, so I may have to invest in some other colours <Gulp>

I teamed both these dresses with this essential denim jacket from EMERY. For some mad bonkers Kitty-reason I missed this when it was available at Fameshed, but no matter because I soon located it in store and eagerly tried the demo on before purchase, making sure I was wearing blinkers so I didn’t look at anything else because that would be bad.  (I’m trying to save all my lindens for that event I’m not talking about, remember?)This is a ruddy marvellous jacket and I’m really pleased with it. It just looks so realistic, proudly bearing authentic button and stitching patterns on the body that make it look like the quintessential classic denim jacket that everyone  owns . And so should you.

So I suggest you zoom over to EMERY and get yourself one, and take a trip to MICHAMI and ONE BAD PIXEL on your way back. And take Lindens, you’ll need them, I promise!

Afterthought: Perhaps ‘Friday Frocks’ or ‘Frocking hell it’s Friday!’ should be a Kittywitchin’ thing? What do you think?

Kitty Wears:

Skin – Izzies’s Kaelyn 20′s Skin Dark Red Lips/ Kaelyn Eyeliner – C88

Ears – ‘Steking’ Ears – MANDALA

Eyes – ‘Ascension’ Eyes in Sahara M –IKON

Jacket – Mesh Denim Jacket Hollywood (Dark) – EMERY

 Picture 1:

Dress -Jersey Tank Dress Biscuit – ONE BAD PIXEL

Hair – Boys&girls44 – (Sienna with H/B) – DURA

Bracelet –Owl Bracelet (Rose Gold) –ERRATIC

Windlight setting: Strawberry Singh  Close-Up

Location: Kitty’s Kitchen. Fancy a brew?

 Picture 2:  

Dress –Kiaa in Berry –MICHAMI

Hair -Bad Reputation (Natural Fusion 2) – EXILE

Necklace –  Ball Chain Necklace – YUMMY

Sunglasses -Glam Affair – Vintage Sunglasses – C88

Windlight Setting –Avatar Opt

Location – Kitty’s Dining Room, having a dance to some records. Which was nice.

Look Of The Day: As Summer Moves On..

Look Of The Day: As Summer Moves On..


Unlike most Brits, I have no issue with the American description of Autumn as ‘Fall’. In the UK describing this most beautiful (in my opinion) of seasons as such is nothing short of heresy, but I really like the phrase.

I’m a Fall Baby, and it has always been my most beloved time of year. There’s something in the air; the way that the coldness starts to creep in and the light grows thin. As the season changes the Earth seems to throw one last hurrah to the sun by turning a multitude of festive colours before gradually starting to fade and wither into Winter.

The colours of Fall are my favourite too. The Summer sorbet shades have now changed into a darker hue reflecting the fruits of the season. The darker greens, the radiants reds and the berry shades are as delicious to the eye as the jams of the harvest are to the palette.

For this look of the day I wanted to find something that bridged the gap between the seasons. September is just a few days away yet we’re still having really good weather in the UK, so I wanted something that would warm when the wind bites yet still allow my skin to catch the few fading rays of Vitamin D as they caress the ground.

I found exactly what I was looking for in this rather excellent mesh body-warmer from NS CUTIE SHAPE. It’s called ‘Emotion 1 Padded Vest’ and is available in a variety of patterns and is a scarily reasonable L$50!  Not only that, it includes matching wristwarmers too.  I opted for a glorious dark red and green tartan combo with a luxurious chunky grey fleece collar. It’s very well textured actually, considering the price. I teamed it with my shorts and tights combo (which you can’t see in the picture but trust me, it’s there, I’m not bottomless I promise!) and set off to trudge around some Autumnal sims.

The hairstyle that I am wearing in this picture is the rather bloody awesome ….. by DURA. I confess I haven’t been to Dura for ages, so when I dropped by earlier I was delighted to see an influx of styles ripe for the picking. This is unisex hair, and is far removed from my semi-regular bob preference, but it just works perfectly on my avatar. It fits like a glove, and the shape is perfect. I really love styles that cover the eye like this, although in real life I wouldn’t last five minutes because I’d find myself totally irritated by the hair obscuring my vision. No such problem in Second Life of course!

Even though this style lends itself to a more casual look you can actually dress it up very effectively, so don’t be put off from giving it a try if it’s not your usual fancy. I also opted for a shade a little lighter than my normal choice of darker hues, and coupled with my Kaelyn 20’s skin I think it really looks the part.

Summer is moving on, and Autumn is on her way, but I’m more than ready for the change of season!

Kitty wears:

Skin – Izzies’s Kaelyn 20’s Skin Dark Red Lips/ Kaelyn Eyeliner – C88

Ears – ‘Steking’ Ears – MANDALA

Eyes – ‘Ascension’ Eyes in Sahara M –IKON

Lashes – ‘Flirt’ – HUSH

Bodywarmer – ‘Emotion 1 Padded Vest + wristwarmers’ – NS CUTIE SHAPE

Hair – *Duraboys&girls46* (Sienna)  – DURA


Pose –  [Clinic] ‘Vintique’ – MARUKIN

Location – Japan Tempura island

(Feeling quite pleased with myself for actually remembering to include the above for a change!)