Friday Frocks And Frolics Galore!

Friday Frocks And Frolics Galore!

No, I’m NOT going to post about The Arcade again today.

But I AM going to post about some fabulous threads; in this case two dresses and a jacket.
First up is ONE BAD PIXEL’s beautiful new mesh dress release called simply ‘Jersey Tank Dress’. A bit of an understated title for a not-so understated frock. It’s available in a number of colours from the main store. I really like the way I look in this little number, and especially rate the fact that there’s a main colour contrasted by an offset complementary shade which makes for a very on trend style. Dressed up with heels and a smart jacket, or with a scarf, or under a coat or however you want to wear it the effect is the same. It’s simple and stylish and a very worthy addition to your wardrobe, especially in this ‘Biscuit’ combination. (Rest assured dear reader that your intrepid blogger licked it, expecting a digestive flavour, but I was sadly disappointed.)

Oh and while we’re on the subject of ONE BAD PIXEL I actually have cause for complaint. That name is a TOTAL misnomer, there isn’t a bad pixel for sale in that store at all, they’re all rather grand if you ask me.


My second Friday Frock is this lovely Plum number from MICHAMI.

I tend very much towards plain items and I’m NOT that adventurous when it comes to prints, preferring my outfit details (such as pattern and texture)  to predominantly come from the accessories  that I wear, so plain colours are always win for me. This MICHAMI ‘Kiia’ dress was therefore a must purchase because it’s my favourite plummy shade, but buyer beware, just because it’s a plain does NOT mean it’s boring.  For one thing there is excellent creasing around the body of this dress.  It gives this frock a great ‘worn’ feel.  It also has stitched detailing to the waist that I can’t really describe effectively here, and you can’t see because I’m wearing a jacket, so you’ll need to go and see it in store.

BUT HURRY! The reason I discovered this glorious wee number is because MichaMi is closing, so there’s a 50% sale at the main store.

Like the One Bad Pixel number in my first pic, this will lend itself well to wearing in a multitude of styles. I think this one will get a lot of wear with leggings and boots actually, so I may have to invest in some other colours <Gulp>

I teamed both these dresses with this essential denim jacket from EMERY. For some mad bonkers Kitty-reason I missed this when it was available at Fameshed, but no matter because I soon located it in store and eagerly tried the demo on before purchase, making sure I was wearing blinkers so I didn’t look at anything else because that would be bad.  (I’m trying to save all my lindens for that event I’m not talking about, remember?)This is a ruddy marvellous jacket and I’m really pleased with it. It just looks so realistic, proudly bearing authentic button and stitching patterns on the body that make it look like the quintessential classic denim jacket that everyone  owns . And so should you.

So I suggest you zoom over to EMERY and get yourself one, and take a trip to MICHAMI and ONE BAD PIXEL on your way back. And take Lindens, you’ll need them, I promise!

Afterthought: Perhaps ‘Friday Frocks’ or ‘Frocking hell it’s Friday!’ should be a Kittywitchin’ thing? What do you think?

Kitty Wears:

Skin – Izzies’s Kaelyn 20′s Skin Dark Red Lips/ Kaelyn Eyeliner – C88

Ears – ‘Steking’ Ears – MANDALA

Eyes – ‘Ascension’ Eyes in Sahara M –IKON

Jacket – Mesh Denim Jacket Hollywood (Dark) – EMERY

 Picture 1:

Dress -Jersey Tank Dress Biscuit – ONE BAD PIXEL

Hair – Boys&girls44 – (Sienna with H/B) – DURA

Bracelet –Owl Bracelet (Rose Gold) –ERRATIC

Windlight setting: Strawberry Singh  Close-Up

Location: Kitty’s Kitchen. Fancy a brew?

 Picture 2:  

Dress –Kiaa in Berry –MICHAMI

Hair -Bad Reputation (Natural Fusion 2) – EXILE

Necklace –  Ball Chain Necklace – YUMMY

Sunglasses -Glam Affair – Vintage Sunglasses – C88

Windlight Setting –Avatar Opt

Location – Kitty’s Dining Room, having a dance to some records. Which was nice.

A crush with eyeliner..

A crush with eyeliner..


So far my virtual 2013 has been all about two things: tattoo-layer cosmetics and mesh legwarmers ( more on those another time!)

My look has really changed in recent months (for the better I hope) and I attribute this to a number of things, but I think the main influences upon my recent style have been the continued emergence of quality mesh clothing and the development of excellent  tattoo layer and mesh cosmetics.

We all know that uber- quality skins are not cheap. Nor should they be; they take a lot of hard work to create.  Of course, there is huge discrepancy on skin-pricing across the grid, and when you find your perfect skin  forking out for a fat-pack that includes all the make-ups can be an eye-watering prospect.  Fortunately, tattoo-layer cosmetics can help.


Recently I’ve become somewhat obsessed with eyeliner. I don’t know why I like it so much. As a child I was a little bit besotted with Siouxsie Sioux and Toyah, so it’s probably a throwback to those days. Problem is you need to be expert at applying it in real life to pull it off, and I’m just useless at it.  My attempts at cat-eye/ winged liner in real life tend towards a spidery scrawl, and I can never get the darned flourishes  at the edge of the eyelid to match. Thank goodness the same doesn’t apply to Second Life!

For a relatively small outlay you can spice up your base skin and become the best looking avatar on the grid bar none.  It’s like having your very own virtual Girl’s World; it is so much fun trying out different combinations of skins and tattoo layers and eventually you could end up with a look that is totally unique to you.  Save your creations as outfits and you’ll have a legion of glorious looks to quickly change in and out of. (Plus in real life heavy eyeliner is a pisser to get right, and when it comes to taking it off you need industrial cleanser and a rainforest of tissue before you’ve even penetrated the ruddy stuff.  No mess Second Life wins again!)

The Cosmetics Fair 2013 finishes soon (April 30th) and it’s definitely worth a visit if you haven’t dropped by yet. It’s not a huge event by comparison to other recent occasions but it’s as equally rewarding and I’m confident you’ll spend more than a few happy hours lusting after the products on display. Ekilim Melodie, the event organiser, has brought together some of the very best cosmetic creators that the grid has to offer and you’ll find everything you could possibly need .

The event is sponsored by Action, BOOM, Glam Affair, *LpD*, PIDIDDLE and Pink Acid and features orgasmic creations from the sponsors and guests. Cam around the location and you’ll spy fabulous eye make-up, luscious lipsticks and glosses, natty nails and even some make-ups exclusively for the chaps.  From the avant-garde to the more mundane, it’s all available here.  There’s just so much to enjoy! Discover amazing patterns to adorn lips and lids, as well as practical devices such as a bum-cleavage  layer that hides your  builders bum crack, cheek definition and nose contour. It’s a must-visit.

You can demo a lot of items and I strongly suggest that you do just that before you buy.  Tattoo-layer cosmetics are cheaper than skins, but they can still be pricey items, so you must ensure you’re happy with your prospective purchases before you indulge.


So what can you do with them I hear you cry? Well, for the picture above I wanted to wear a strong eye-make up to compliment the One Bad Pixel Cheongsam that I’m wearing. (Note: this is a complete fib because there isn’t a single bad pixel on this dress, it’s outstanding.)  At the moment I’m completely besotted with Izzie’s Asia skinline.   The skin I’m wearing in this shot is a medium tone from that range with dark brows.  Izzie  Button really is a talented wee minx, and is also incredibly obliging because she already includes excellent eyeliners, lipsticks and eyeshadows as part of her range, but I wanted something that would really stand out from the crowd. Thank goodness for the ability to layer then. I wore my regular skin, with Izzie’s own  green eye-shadow  and raspberry lipstick to which I then added my first purchase from the Cosmetic Fair, the Blacklace Beauty Exotica V.2 shadows and liners. These are an absolute bargain at L$99 for the package, which includes 11 sensational colourways. Once that layer was applied I was close to achieving the look I wanted, and finished by adding prim lashes and stunning Ikon eyes.

The finished look is a bit of a corker isn’t it?


Here’s a second demonstration of how fabulous tattoo-layers can be. I’m still wearing the dress, but fancied a change of hair and make up. This time I’ve switched to the Izzie’s Rose lipstick, and I’ve complimented it with eye make-up from Shakeup! Cosmetics. This is the Danielle range, and you get 8 colours in the range for L$150. I like the sparkle on this, and how the water-line of the eye is coloured too.  Scrumptious don’t you think?

So what really got me excited at the show? Well if you’re looking for eye designs you’d be foolish to neglect Mons.  For me, Mons really leads the way when it comes to tattoo-layer make-up, because  they’re consistently brilliant and always look divine.   The alternative-styled  avatars out there will find extremely precise, gothic liners and brows at Nuuna, and if you’re looking for killer lips check out Pink Acid for the glossiest gob on the grid.  Every vendor is a winner and you’re sure to find yourself laden with goodies when you leave the sim.

Before I close this post I must mention Mons again, and insist that you check out the eyeliner I discovered from them at this month’s Zodiac event.  It’s called ‘Burning Eyeshadow’  and it is a total winner. I’m wearing it with a dress that I spied there too from Valentina E,  called ‘Le Matadora’ and  by heck it’s good. I knew I had to have it as soon as I laid eyes upon it! The name of the dress immediately identifies with Taurus, the subject of Zodiac this month, and it’s a beautiful mesh frock with a fabulous pattern and matching scarf.  This is a really elegant couture number that’s available in a selection of colours and is exclusive to the event. I detest bull-fighting but I’m completely in love with this!


Kitty wears:

Shape: Kitty’s own.

Hair – First picture) Eep. (Second Picture) Magika

Skin – Izzie’s (Medium)

Make-up layers – As described in post (Cosmetics Fair 2013)

Clothing – Cheongsam from One Bad Pixel

‘Le Matadore’ dress from Valentina E (Zodiac)

Fifty Linden Friday is BACK!

Fifty Linden Friday is BACK!

…from the mists of time! Yes, that’s right readers, one of the most popular and quintessential Second Life events ever has returned to grace the grid.

Yup, I’m talking about Fifty Linden Friday and it’s back with a bang, crash and wallop even bigger and better than before:)

(Happy sigh) It’s as though it never went away, and it was a real joy to see that the crowds were out in force earlier as I toured the vendors for all fifteen  participants.  I’m delighted to say that the quality of the goods hasn’t diminished one jot.

This time around you’re looking at items from:

Fri.Day 􀀋
Meshworx 􀀍
Pig 􀀁
Wasabi Pills 􀀈
Funky Junk 􀀀
One Bad Pixel 􀀆
Adore & Abhor 􀀊
Glitterati 􀀇
Schadenfreude 􀀃
Glow Studio 􀀉
Cheeky Pea 􀀏
Ingenue 􀀅
Surf Co 􀀄

And there are some absolute must have purchases too. The lamp and frame from Meshworks,  the mesh boots from Deco, the totally gorgeous bob that I’m wearing in both pictures from Wasabi Pills and the make-up from Adore & Abhor all made my list.  (I’m wearing the eyeliner in this shot, looks great doesn’t it?) I also treated myself to the plum babytux lingerie from One Bad Pixel, but an absolute MUST BUY this week has to be Glitterati’s amazing photo prop, featuring 5 poses which come to life when you add shadows. Astonishing, and it  meant I could make this amazing wee picture below: