Bargains Galore? Ain’t that the TRUTH

Yes, you read right..TRUTH is having a HUGE sale. Forget the real life credit crunch, spend all your Linden dosh on designer goodness from TRUTH and you will be a very satisfied shopper indeed. It’s not just womenswear either, there’s plenty of menswear on offer to tempt you , with prices slashed across the entire range. Clothing bargains start at just L$10!!! (It may come as no surprise to you that I spent my entire months clothing allowance within five minutes..EEEKKK!) Another reason for splurging?One of the very best things about TRUTH has always been the yummy hairstyles. Oh boy, the hair is just utterly fabbo, and with prices now reduced to L$50 for regular packs you would be an utter plebeian of gargantuan proportions to miss this one. Shock horror, there are also lovely men’s hairstyles available..weee!  Here’s the press release:

*TRUTH* Discontinue Sale

TRUTH store is discontinuing all current mens and womens clothing along with the current hair textures.


Regular packs – 50L

Tip packs – 150L

Fat packs – 350L

ALL clothing marked down starting from 10L (excl. tattoos and shoes).

Retirement of items will run til further notice – NEW STORE COMING SOON!

Remember the historic (and often hysterical) Last Call sale? This one has the potential to be just as big… in fact I popped in at 8am UK time this morning and it was already heaving…click HERE now!

SS Galaxy Ahoy!

I haven’t been to the SS Galaxy for a while, so whilst I was on the scrounge for a photo shoot I headed back for a nosey.  They have some lovely shops there and the ship is amazing, although a lot has changed since my last visit.  (I had a cabin there for a short while, it was great fun) After my spree was finished (and I had aquired a rather nice FREE Blaze gown) I went outside to wait for the ferry to Sagittaria.  This is something I’ve meant to do for a while.  Every ten minutes you can catch the ferry and it takes you to the nearby port for fun and frolics. I was a tad sceptical as I’ve been in SL boats before and not ‘moved’ with them, or been left stranded in the middle of the ocean..BUT this one actually works and it’s oodles of fun!  Get on the boat and you’ll  cruise alongside the liner, turn and then head for the port. It really isn’t that jerky, and even warns you when a sim crossing is about to take place. (The Galaxy crosses 3 sims!) When you finally arrive and disembark you’ll found yourself in a lovely welcome area which leads you out into Sagittaria itself. It’s an exceptionally pretty build (What do you expect from Bill Stirling?) and you can hire one of those dinky ‘Bispa’ scooters to zoom around on, or explore using the mono-rail.  Go and have a look, it’s rather grand…some of the houses are seriously droolworthy! Oopsy, forgot to mention, the Captain of the ferry is a penguin. ‘Nuff said.