Yummy! Tesla and Ivalde Hotness

(See what I did there? Clever kitty!) I haven’t paid much mind to clothing shopping this past few weeks, but that’s all changed following some amazing recent releases that caught my eye. First up, I want to show some love for Ivalde, something which I really don’t do enough of. Ivalde, for me, is one of the most graceful design houses in-world, and it is of no surprise that it has many ardent fans amongst the Second Life populace. Whenever I visit it’s busy (Just like ‘Last Call’ used to be whenever I ventured near, and consequently took ages to get into) and that’s probably because of the quality that is on offer: when you wear an Ivalde design you know that you’re channelling the classical elegance that screen sirens such as Lauren Bacall, Grace Kelly and Marylin Monroe oozed out of every pore. In fact there’s a whole range of Marylin Monroe inspired creations for you to enjoy, as well as garments reflecting many different decades and eras such as Victorian and Edwardian. This trip however I wanted to check out the dresses; I can never have enough dresses and they are just that little bit spesh. Immediately I landed and was in clothes heaven. The angels of habidashery surrounded me in a warm blanket of couture loveliness (Yes, it’s official, I’ve lost it!) and led me to the glory that is the Verun frock. I bought it in black ( naturally) but if I had the dosh I’d get the whole package as they are so utterly delicious, perfectly shaped and and with the seductive ruching and prim collar that they’d look perfect for any occasion. I also fell in a big way for this dress, the Konstante White Emo dress, because It is just ruddy well perfect, in an entirely 1980’s way. (Both styles being horrendoulsy fashionable in RL at the moment.) I love the fit but I had a few issues with shoulder seams and the belt was a damn pain in the ass to adjust, but after I mixed it up with some accessories from Yummy and my quintessential Tesla shoes I’d forgiven it:) Speaking of Tesla, the lovely Miss Miles dropped a package on me that contained some rather FABULOUS sunglasses. These are called ‘Oracle’, are *scripted* and can be worn on your face or moved up onto your skull. They look good down, but look how good they look perched on my bonce, the whole outfit just works doesn’t it? Buy these babies and you don’t need anymore sunnies either, as the menu allows for colour change (great colours too!)and opacity of glass. Wonderful superstarry shades these aren’t they? Methinks she’s been channelling Yoko Ono! More credit to Tesla for creating these beauties at a measley L$499, as I’ve seen shades on sale that aren’t half as good for the same price. Yes, I know I sold my soul to Tesla a long time ago, but I don’t care, because when she makes wonderfulness like this can you seriously blame me for being a Tesla Miles groupie? No? EXACTLY! So there you go, Yummy, Ivalde and Tesla all in one lickable 80’s ensemble….oohh I’m spent!

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