Relay For Life-The Crown & Pearl

Bailey invited me over to the Crown and Pearl’s patch over at the Heroes sim where fervant fundraising for Relay for Life. It feels very strange seeing my best buddie’s face on a poster, but she would be so honoured and hopeful that her struggle would inspire people to donate to research. I’m going over to see her tomorrow..obviously I’ll keep the blog updated and let youall know how she is, It’s easy to forget that behind every SL avatar (except those bloody bots!) there’s a real person with a real story to tell. Please let Dee’s inspire you to donate to Relay for Life, even if it’s only one Linden, it all helps

5 thoughts on “Relay For Life-The Crown & Pearl”

  1. Many many many HUGE hugs Kitty. It was an honor to donate the efforts of the Crown and Pearl team to Di. We raised 35,000L yesterday.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Di and her family.

    ❤ BL


  2. Thought and prayers are with you all.. we’ll keep working and putting our time, energy and resources into the battle for cancer.

    *hugs* you


  3. Wanted to tell you just how much you and Dee & her family are in my thoughts hun…

    Lots of love n’ hugs coming your way xXx


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