The *ULTIMATE* Doggy Bag!

I’ve never really been one for the ‘Pooch-in-a-bag’ look, basically because it’s a trend that seems to be associated with blonde haired, pink-wearing, squealing bints who dye their chihuahuas all the colours of the rainbow and view their pooches as fashion accessories rather than a chum for life. Having said that, I can sort of see why you’d want to carry a doggy around..basically you’re babifying (is that even a word?) your faithful four-legged friend, and I certainly do that with Indiana in real life. Alas, you can’t buy bags to carry Staffies around in…you’d break your back trying and I know that Indy would just chew the bloody thing to death. So yet again Second Life manages to make a real-life desire a virtual reality. Yay for me!
I was gifted this beautiful pet carrier and puppy by Carrie Tatsu, the uber-creatrix behind ‘Zoobys’, which is for me the *best* place to purchase virtual animals. If you want quality infused with realism and originality then there’s just no alternative choice. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of worthy animals out there made by all sorts of peeps, but for me Zoobys are the best, and always my first choice I’m biased then, BUT even if I wasn’t I’d still be blown away by this latest release, ‘The Z Pet Carrier’. For your Lindens you get a scripted bag with an animated puppy and *tons* of options…seriously folks, so much thought has gone into this I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it is! For starters the bag looks wonderful. You have puppy safely ensconced within the confines of a large, comfy designer holdall which has great detailing, such as sculpted shoulder straps and other amazing little extras (more on those shortly) There are 10 ( 10!! I know!!!) fabric options so it will match EVERYTHING in your wardrobe, Not only that, BUT the textures are selectable on different areas of the bag, eg front, sides and pocket, so you can mix and match your textures if you like that sort of thing! ( See! I told you it was haven’t heard the best of it yet!) You also have a myriad of options to customise your bag even further- front chain, back chain, buckles and straps, funky keyholders, pin and buttons. There’s even a sweet lil’ bone to stash in the bag pocket in case your puppy gets the munchies:) The straps can be brown or black, and the detailing is just superb, from the shape of the bag to the buckles everything looks hideously expensive and my best guess is that it must have taken an age to create. BUT that’s not all-your puppy is animated too! You can name her, play with her and allow her to bark should you so wish. She also has a cutsie little collar that you can interfere with, lol- it’s colour change and there’s even a diamond for bling. Not that you need to bling this up in any way, shape or form- it’s one of the most exciting items that I’ve seen on the grid in a long while and I love mine to bits! As if all the components I’ve already mentioned aren’t enough, there’s also two poses that allow you to hold your bag in different ways, as well as a built-in walking anim. Carrie has basically thought of *everything*, in fact I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if there was a kitchen sink hidden underneath the pup’s derrière! So when you see me in world me and my puppy, Poppy (named after Indiana’s best Beagle friend) stop and say ‘Hi’, and coo in admiration at Carrie’s handiwork. It is seriously astonishing and tons of fun, not the mention probably the ultimate fashionista accessory for the season, and you simply *must* have one dahling. I really hope that Carri creates more of these, with different breeds and other animals (please make a cat version-that would be fab!) but until then I’m one happy Kitty exploring the grid with my pup tagging along….wee!

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