Cats and lemurs living together? Mass hysteria!

Cats and lemurs living together? Mass hysteria!

Well, it’s not quite Ghostbusters but I needed a catchy title for this post where I’m going to have a quick natter with you about some new virtual breedable pets that are on the grid. 

Back in the mists of time, when breedable pets originally launched on the grid,  I got really into the Ozimals Bunnies and Wildwood Cats. Then I got heavily into Amaretto Horses and Kitty Cats..and then I realised I was being a little bit too crazy with my addiction and nipped it in the bud. I was spending way too much real life money on this hobby that I couldn’t actually afford to spend.  I’m more sensible now and I tend to give the breedables a wide berth because I’ve realised that for me they are just too dangerously addictive , but I still love them.

Well, I checked out a couple of new virtual breedable pets this week and they couldn’t be more different to each other. 

First up are ‘Imaginimals’ which the perceptive among you will realise at first look are re-branded Wildwoods. If you don’t remember Wildwoods they were pretty awesome, as I hope this picture from 2010 demonstrates.. (Click here for some of my old Flickr cat piccies!)


The name change is to reflect  that the focus  is not just on cats but about future releases too which will be other animals.  I’m not going to get into the politics of what happened to Wildwoods, but I will say that I loved the product.  I adored the way that they looked and I really enjoyed owning them, so I was keen to see what the re-launch had in store.  I trotted over and had a look around.  There are a few cats out in beta that you can take a closer look at there.


My first impressions are somewhat mixed.  I love the shape of the body and I really like the majority of the textures that are being used for fur.  But the eyes aren’t a patch on the ones that the Wildwoods had; they seem duller by comparison.  The shape of the eye itself has changed too and it’s far less effective than the previous Wildwood eye shape.  I also dislike the ear shape that I saw, it is a bit pointy whereas the previous ear was more cat-like, in my opinion. The cats I viewed were of course in beta test so they may well change..I almost hope that it does.


But then again, check out the picture above. Doesn’t this guy look great? When the cats are rolling around on the floor or in a seated pose they look rather grand and very regal, in the way that only cats can, but the walking movement was a bit of a letdown; it is best described as a strange forward-moonwalk trot/shuffle combination. I think the product needs a little more work but that’s the blessing of beta-testing, you can iron out the quirks before launch day.   One final positive that I noted from my visit to the Imaginimals sim were the kittens.  They actually birth kitten shapes, rather than boxes. These would look great in a basket and I envision that’s how many breeders will choose to sell them, they’re not especially detailed although I do I think it’s a nice touch.

I really rate some of the animations in the cats.  The sleeping pose is really incredibly sweet as I hope the shot above demonstrates.  I watched a Siamese slumber and it looked very natural for a stylised virtual cat! (If I was being hyper critical I’d say that it was breathing a little bit too fast..but perhaps it was dreaming?)

Do I think Kittycats should be shaken by this new feline competitor?

Absolutely not. I think Kittycats are well-established and successful for a number of reasons, not just because of their excellent product. They offer the full package, the cats look sensational, and the team behind them is justly proud of their excellent customer service and have a dedicated Kittycat community which would prove hard to break. I certainly think Kittycats have the edge when it comes to animations as well. That said, a bit of competition is very good for the consumer, so I don’t begrudge Imaginimals giving it another shot at all.  This time I just hope that they have a more structured customer service in place and will be able to deal with their clientele more effectively, but I do wish them well and look forward to seeing the finished product at launch.

I sincerely hope however that a fresh start with a re-imagined product means they will be more respectful to their customers and provide a full customer support service which is keen to respond to questions when asked.

This has not always been the case, as this post from the excellent Breedables Inc. blog clearly proves.

When people pay money for a product, service is paramount, something that Kittycats CSR reps prove time and again. I hope Imaginimals can endeavour to follow that example so the past does not repeat itself.

In total contrast are the Zooby Lemurs.

Now, I love lemurs.  There is an amazing wildlife park within driving distance to me that has a  walk-through lemur enclosure, and it is outstanding. (There’s also a very good one at Blackpool Zoo of all places, my father-in-law got licked by a very affectionate Red-Ruffed Lemur while we were there!)   Being surrounded by lemurs chilling and basically enjoying themselves is a very enjoyable and humbling experience. They are truly amazing animals and to see them brought to the grid as a breedable pet is really quite exciting.  Team that with the fact that these are made by Zoobys and you have a dazzling breedable prospect. I mean, let’s face it, Zooby’s creates the best animals on the grid; they are always beautifully built and rendered and the textures that are used to coat the creatures are just bang on.

For me Zooby’s is the epitome of virtual animal creation in-world. 

But I felt a bit disappointed when I visited the sim and just saw a lot of boxes and information and a couple of gorgeous, but static lemurs…


Don’t get me wrong, the location where the lemurs are located  is great and the builds fabulous ( I love the temple styling and the way the product is boxed and presented) but if I’m  going to spend money on these  I need to see them moving around and doing Lemur stuff..

As gorgeous as they are, and believe me they REALLY are outstanding looking things, seeing them in a static pose does not encourage me to want to buy them.

Fortunately  I bumped into a guy who was carrying his new Lemur and he told me that they were great virtual pets; they move about beautifully and follow you around at home too. He was really satisfied and excited by them.  It was great to see him so enthused, so please Carrie Tatsu and Zooby Vella, let a few of the little fellas loose on the sim so we can get a better feel for these stunning virtual critters! Because I mean, just LOOK at them..


A tempting prospect aren’t they? Click HERE to visit Imaginimals and see the cats, and HERE to visit Zooby’s and see the Lemurs.

What do you think? Post your comments, how do you feel seeing the Imaginimals beta-cats and what do you think to the Zooby Lemurs? I’d be really interested in your thoughts, please add them below!

(A final note: I found a FANTASTIC BREEDABLE BLOG when I was mooching around the interwebz seeking links for this article. If you’re at all interested in Second Life Breedables, you must check it out.  It’s curated by a lady called Aywren Sojourner and it’s an incredibly useful resource and interesting read to boot.)

The *ULTIMATE* Doggy Bag!

The *ULTIMATE* Doggy Bag!

I’ve never really been one for the ‘Pooch-in-a-bag’ look, basically because it’s a trend that seems to be associated with blonde haired, pink-wearing, squealing bints who dye their chihuahuas all the colours of the rainbow and view their pooches as fashion accessories rather than a chum for life. Having said that, I can sort of see why you’d want to carry a doggy around..basically you’re babifying (is that even a word?) your faithful four-legged friend, and I certainly do that with Indiana in real life. Alas, you can’t buy bags to carry Staffies around in…you’d break your back trying and I know that Indy would just chew the bloody thing to death. So yet again Second Life manages to make a real-life desire a virtual reality. Yay for me!
I was gifted this beautiful pet carrier and puppy by Carrie Tatsu, the uber-creatrix behind ‘Zoobys’, which is for me the *best* place to purchase virtual animals. If you want quality infused with realism and originality then there’s just no alternative choice. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of worthy animals out there made by all sorts of peeps, but for me Zoobys are the best, and always my first choice I’m biased then, BUT even if I wasn’t I’d still be blown away by this latest release, ‘The Z Pet Carrier’. For your Lindens you get a scripted bag with an animated puppy and *tons* of options…seriously folks, so much thought has gone into this I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it is! For starters the bag looks wonderful. You have puppy safely ensconced within the confines of a large, comfy designer holdall which has great detailing, such as sculpted shoulder straps and other amazing little extras (more on those shortly) There are 10 ( 10!! I know!!!) fabric options so it will match EVERYTHING in your wardrobe, Not only that, BUT the textures are selectable on different areas of the bag, eg front, sides and pocket, so you can mix and match your textures if you like that sort of thing! ( See! I told you it was haven’t heard the best of it yet!) You also have a myriad of options to customise your bag even further- front chain, back chain, buckles and straps, funky keyholders, pin and buttons. There’s even a sweet lil’ bone to stash in the bag pocket in case your puppy gets the munchies:) The straps can be brown or black, and the detailing is just superb, from the shape of the bag to the buckles everything looks hideously expensive and my best guess is that it must have taken an age to create. BUT that’s not all-your puppy is animated too! You can name her, play with her and allow her to bark should you so wish. She also has a cutsie little collar that you can interfere with, lol- it’s colour change and there’s even a diamond for bling. Not that you need to bling this up in any way, shape or form- it’s one of the most exciting items that I’ve seen on the grid in a long while and I love mine to bits! As if all the components I’ve already mentioned aren’t enough, there’s also two poses that allow you to hold your bag in different ways, as well as a built-in walking anim. Carrie has basically thought of *everything*, in fact I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if there was a kitchen sink hidden underneath the pup’s derrière! So when you see me in world me and my puppy, Poppy (named after Indiana’s best Beagle friend) stop and say ‘Hi’, and coo in admiration at Carrie’s handiwork. It is seriously astonishing and tons of fun, not the mention probably the ultimate fashionista accessory for the season, and you simply *must* have one dahling. I really hope that Carri creates more of these, with different breeds and other animals (please make a cat version-that would be fab!) but until then I’m one happy Kitty exploring the grid with my pup tagging along….wee!

Zooby’s new sim..

Zooby’s new sim.. absolutely beautiful. I’m just chillaxing away from the crowds, here to admire the new builds and see all the wonderful animals. I love Zooby’s, I have so many animals ( and even a cat avatar!) from here.  I really think Carrie has upped the stakes here by creating one of the best sims on the grid, and it has so much potential for expansion too. Unlike the previous Zooby’s you can test pets now beore purchase, and a lot of the older pets have been ‘refreshed’  Come along and have a look, the attention to detail is breathtaking!

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Meet Harvey the Koala!

Meet Harvey the Koala!

..and Herbert the chicken.  In need of a little cheer I went to Zooby’s and bought a Koala to cuddle.  There’s a reason for this. Before Jez and I met (in RL) he went to Australia on his holidays and he was hugged by a Koala called Harvey.  It was actually Harvey that instigated the hug-he reached out for Jez who tells me that although cute Koalas’ have very sharp claws! He really loves them.  We saw a pair at Edinburgh Zoo a few years ago, just after they had arrived. Apparently Australia is very protective of them and doesn’t part with them too often, so the zoo keeper was very proud.  He was actually an Aussie who had come over to make sure they adapted well to their new environs.  They seemed fine, both sat up Eucalyptus trees fast asleep.  When one did wake up it moved very slowly.  The keeper said they have really bad eyesight and are quite short tempered, probably because of the Eucalyptus that they gorge.  Basically, they’re utter  stoners. (As you can tell I paid a lot of attention to the keeper because he was rather tottylicious, but I learned a lot despite my drooling!)  Anyways, unlike Jez I’ve never been to Australia, nor hugged a Koala..but at least I have now.

The chicken? Pass-no idea on that one.  Went to the ‘C & P’ and the place is filled with them..even Prad can’t remember why he put them there….