Meet Harvey the Koala!

..and Herbert the chicken.  In need of a little cheer I went to Zooby’s and bought a Koala to cuddle.  There’s a reason for this. Before Jez and I met (in RL) he went to Australia on his holidays and he was hugged by a Koala called Harvey.  It was actually Harvey that instigated the hug-he reached out for Jez who tells me that although cute Koalas’ have very sharp claws! He really loves them.  We saw a pair at Edinburgh Zoo a few years ago, just after they had arrived. Apparently Australia is very protective of them and doesn’t part with them too often, so the zoo keeper was very proud.  He was actually an Aussie who had come over to make sure they adapted well to their new environs.  They seemed fine, both sat up Eucalyptus trees fast asleep.  When one did wake up it moved very slowly.  The keeper said they have really bad eyesight and are quite short tempered, probably because of the Eucalyptus that they gorge.  Basically, they’re utter  stoners. (As you can tell I paid a lot of attention to the keeper because he was rather tottylicious, but I learned a lot despite my drooling!)  Anyways, unlike Jez I’ve never been to Australia, nor hugged a Koala..but at least I have now.

The chicken? Pass-no idea on that one.  Went to the ‘C & P’ and the place is filled with them..even Prad can’t remember why he put them there….