Show us yer pink bits!

Last night Amanda turned up at my virtual pad, as she is want to do (she never knocks) and she looked *AMAZING*. Now, as you should all be aware by now, I don’t ‘do’ pink. I dislike it intensely. In fact, I think it should be banned! I was never into it as a girl, and certainly don’t like it as an adult. I’ve no idea what sparked the aversion but I swear to God it makes my teeth itch. Anyhoo, Shinjles turned up, decked out from head to toe in a rather snazzy pink ensemble, and because she looked so brilliant I wanted to share it with you here. Now, you may have spotted I’ve fannied about with the colours..this wasn’t really to reduce the pinkness, but because whilst I was playing around with the photo I discovered these fab and groovy settings which I think have resulted in rather an attractive picture! ( no, nothing to do with my refusal to have that much pink on my blog pages… ;P)
But back to the star of the show..Amanda. Even her tattoos are pink..seriously!..and it works perfectly on her. I really love the outfits she chooses, although of course her style for the main is quite different to mine, but there are similarities. For example, she’s wearing the ETD Laine hair that I peed my pants over last week, but, this being the Shinjles, she’s modded it to within an inch of it’s life using different shades of, yes, pink. It does look look great though, and worn with her snazzy robot hoody, skirt, braces and cracking wristwear ( turntable watch anyone?) all makes for a look that’s just pure ‘Second Life’. You know what I mean..touches of cyber, touches of Neko…all mashed up into a virtual pink frenzy! Anyways, here’s to you Miss Cyberpink. You may bring me out in a rash when you’re within ten virtual feet of me, and you have a tendency to make my eyes bleed-but hey, at least you look stylish whilst doing it!

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