Virtually a Neko Kitty..

(I would have thought of a better title for this blog entry, but alas it’s late,I’m a tad pickled and well, I just can’t be bothered on a Tuesday much, know what I mean? Let’s face it, Tuesdays are LOTS worse than Mondays…ahem.)

Mooching around the various Second Life blogs I spotted an entry from ‘Virtual Neko’ which sent me scurrying like a kitten demented ( here’s a visual for you: a cat that’s just stuck it’s bottom on a warm wall in Summer, only it was a bit *too* hot. With me? Good) over to the store that she was blogging about. Useless Kitty that I am, for some reason ‘Atomic Kitty’ has never bipped on my radar before, but I hope I’ve made up for my ignoarance in that respect. It will surely be at the top of my Neko listings in future..because it is KITTYLICIOUS! I don’t stick my cat ears, tail and whiskers on very often, I have to be in the mood for it, but this is a store that would certainly appeal to those who live a constant kitty-cat lifestyle. Aimed squarely at the Neko culture, this store sells items that will basically make you look like the cat’s whiskers (Get used to the puns guys-I’ve been drinking again and that always helps) and then some! We’re talking fashion, furnishings, skins shapes and my favourite item from the store-EYES. Now, I only usually ever wear eyes by Miriel Enfield, because they are puurrfeeccct for me (snigger) *BUT* I think I’ve just fallen in love with the delicious range that Atomic Kitty has to offer. The best part about this is ‘Virtual Neko’ blogged a sale of GARGANTUAN proportions that means half-price store cards and goodies galore (I would tell you about this in detail but seeing as Virtual Neko blogged about it in far more detail and in a much more professional way I think that it’s only fair you visit her blog for the links and details)I dunno if it was the Chardonnay but I seemed to stumble around the store a tad and ended up buying a skin which is very lovely BUT alas the wrong-pigging one..sigh. Don’t drink AND Second Life is the motto here y’all..ahem. Anyway, you need to tip-toe in a cat-like fashion over to Atomic Kitty. If you do Neko in any way shape or form you’re missing a treat if you don’t check it out, and even if you don’t do the Neko I’d still suggest a visit, because a lot of the sublime wares available will appeal to grungey/rocky/cyber and emo types as well. See, something for everything! Versatile, me…(hic!)..Note to Kitty..don’t blog when inebri-inibr-inabri-pissed…hence the slightly blurry effect on the picture above.  But just look at those eyes..divine huh? They’re called ‘Silver’ and cost L$100 for a pack of THREE ( dark, medium and light) and contacts too.  In other words, a virtual-smeggin’-bargain, make no mistake! Click here unless you want to be forever condemned as a sad, furry trollop!

2 thoughts on “Virtually a Neko Kitty..

  1. I think next time you’ve got a glass of Chard sitting by your keyboard, you need to IM me so we can drink and shop together, deal? he he

    Thanks for the links Kitty, they are very much appreciated! ^_^ (sorry I’m so woefully late on replying)…



    1. Ooh I will! Then again, I seem to permanently have a glass and a bottle installed next to the keyboard….
      Actually it’s usually a bottle and a straw…
      I hate washing up I do. wasting water.. Eco Kitty me, drink out of the bottle, put bottle in recycling, sorted! YAY!


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