Virtually a Neko Kitty..

(I would have thought of a better title for this blog entry, but alas it’s late,I’m a tad pickled and well, I just can’t be bothered on a Tuesday much, know what I mean? Let’s face it, Tuesdays are LOTS worse than Mondays…ahem.)

Mooching around the various Second Life blogs I spotted an entry from ‘Virtual Neko’ which sent me scurrying like a kitten demented ( here’s a visual for you: a cat that’s just stuck it’s bottom on a warm wall in Summer, only it was a bit *too* hot. With me? Good) over to the store that she was blogging about. Useless Kitty that I am, for some reason ‘Atomic Kitty’ has never bipped on my radar before, but I hope I’ve made up for my ignoarance in that respect. It will surely be at the top of my Neko listings in future..because it is KITTYLICIOUS! I don’t stick my cat ears, tail and whiskers on very often, I have to be in the mood for it, but this is a store that would certainly appeal to those who live a constant kitty-cat lifestyle. Aimed squarely at the Neko culture, this store sells items that will basically make you look like the cat’s whiskers (Get used to the puns guys-I’ve been drinking again and that always helps) and then some! We’re talking fashion, furnishings, skins shapes and my favourite item from the store-EYES. Now, I only usually ever wear eyes by Miriel Enfield, because they are puurrfeeccct for me (snigger) *BUT* I think I’ve just fallen in love with the delicious range that Atomic Kitty has to offer. The best part about this is ‘Virtual Neko’ blogged a sale of GARGANTUAN proportions that means half-price store cards and goodies galore (I would tell you about this in detail but seeing as Virtual Neko blogged about it in far more detail and in a much more professional way I think that it’s only fair you visit her blog for the links and details)I dunno if it was the Chardonnay but I seemed to stumble around the store a tad and ended up buying a skin which is very lovely BUT alas the wrong-pigging one..sigh. Don’t drink AND Second Life is the motto here y’all..ahem. Anyway, you need to tip-toe in a cat-like fashion over to Atomic Kitty. If you do Neko in any way shape or form you’re missing a treat if you don’t check it out, and even if you don’t do the Neko I’d still suggest a visit, because a lot of the sublime wares available will appeal to grungey/rocky/cyber and emo types as well. See, something for everything! Versatile, me…(hic!)..Note to Kitty..don’t blog when inebri-inibr-inabri-pissed…hence the slightly blurry effect on the picture above.  But just look at those eyes..divine huh? They’re called ‘Silver’ and cost L$100 for a pack of THREE ( dark, medium and light) and contacts too.  In other words, a virtual-smeggin’-bargain, make no mistake! Click here unless you want to be forever condemned as a sad, furry trollop!