Batman Hoody by Intrigue

Batman Hoody by Intrigue

Now this is an ‘Jezsential’ purchase if ever there was one! (See what I did there? Clever Kitty..) This rather bat-tastic ( I’m full of it today!) hoody is a measley L$50 from Intrigue. The store has a vast array of tees and hoodys featuring characters like Pac-Man, Ghostbusters and some of the characters from Sesame Street for you to eep over and wear until worn out. The clothing is great, but the prices are even better, it’s just L$25 for a tee. As you can see the price doesn’t mean that the items are poor quality either..great textures and prim attachments mean that these are utterly splendid value for money…and as if that wasn’t enough.. the Batman hoody features bat ears on the hood. YAY! (Big up to Fab Free for the tip-off!)

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