Republik is where it’s at…

My fave bar in the entirety of Second Life has to be ‘The Crown and Pearl’. Regular readers will have heared me wax lyrical about the C&P many times before…but if you weren’t aware it rose like a phoenix from the ashes that sadly smouldered after the closure of ‘The Three Lions’. It’s a superb place with a fantastic crowd of regulars that I’m blessed to call friends, and all sorts of high jinx and escapades have taken place within…I can’t even begin to tell you about some of them! The C&P wears many different hats and caters to a vast and eclectic audience, but when you want a dedicated dance club venue then I have to recommend just one to you, and that is Republik. It’s recently been relaunched in world and hot dang it looks the business! This is the kind of club I want to go to in RL.
It features ultra modern styling and gorgeous artwork, as well as secluded areas for you to sit and chat. Of course the main area features decks and a dance floor and an ever changing selection of DJ’s in attendence, but that’s not all. You can tell this has been a labour of love, from the careful co-ordination of furnishings and accessories to the selection of dances that you can use to throw some moves on the dance floor. Apart from the main club there’s a club terrace bar, a separate terrace dance area and a smashing raver’s cove. This is set against a beach backdrop where you can buy a surf board and take to the waves in style. Republik also features a park area with a large cinema screen and picnic blankets and also a bijou selection of shops…it reeks of style and sophistication though and is a great sim to explore. It’s been beautifully landscaped and you can tell great care has gone into conveying just the right ambience but for me the club itself is the highlight. It’s an astonishing achievement, so kudos to all the team involved in the relaunch. There’s LOTS to see here and enjoy, so I suggest you take a peek and drop by the club for some bingo, bango, bongo dancey trancey house music shenanigans and I might just see you there…;)

One thought on “Republik is where it’s at…

  1. Awwwww, fantastic review. I love Republik, but then I’m kinda biased, insofar as I’m one of the owners and one of the other owners is my girlfriend, who made most of it 😀

    Seriously though, I know you’ve been totally honest about the place and I remember your initial reaction, which was the same as mine when I first saw the rebuild, so thank you for your kind words.

    Fuck us, we’re famous 😉


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