*NEW*Gritty Kitty Hair..FADERS

There are so many reasons that I adore Noam Sprocket. I love him because he has no ego, yet oodles of talent.  I love him because he calls himself a ‘pain in the ass twat’.  I love him because his blog is as dazzling a wonderment of blog happiness as could possibly exist on the interwebs,  and I love him most of all because he never ceases to amaze me with his creations. This is his latest. Its called ‘Faders‘ and is just bloody wonderful. If I ever decided to lop off my locks, then this is the style I’d go for. (Just for the record I wouldn’t though, purely because I am INCREDIBLY lazy and styles such as this one take a lot of work to stay looking so effortlessly funky)
With Faders you have a super-straight fringe jam-packed tight between two super messy lengths either side. The lengths graduate around the skull towards a short messy crown to reveal a sweet, almost pixie-like crop behind, with a super-wispy finish.
It’s effortless, nommable chic and here’s the thing, you don’t have to be wearing the street, edgy, skateboard style that Gritty Kitty rocks so well to be able to enjoy this one. You can mix and match Faders with a multitude of looks and trust me, it’ll work every time.
Here’s a Kitty example; here I am wearing Faders with a boho-tunic, and (out of shot) some super slouchy Maitreya boots. The look is teamed off with wooden bangles and there you have it..doesn’t it look grand? I heartily suggest that you bugger off down to Koreshan and check this one out sharpish, because I predict it is going to be mega-popular on the grid.
(Oh, and another reason for loving Noam, his pricing is bang-bloody-spot on. This style is L$130, utter bargain if you ask me:)
Faders=hair happiness Gritty Kitty style!

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