My First Review Is In….Thank you Sydd Sinister!

OMG OMG squuuuueeeeallll! OK Kitty..calm down…eeep I can’t help it!

Sydd Sinister has reviewed my shapes, and when I say reviewed I mean kicked some serious blogging arse!  She’s done a SUPERB job, showing the shapes in a completely different light to how I display them and I’m so very proud and honoured! They look BRILLIANT..see?

Sydd Sinister

Don’t just take my word for it though..get your bodacious buns over to Sydd Sinister’s superb blog and look at the wonderful pictures featuring the shapes…I can’t stop smiling! Thank you Sydd!

And don’t forget, these shapes are available for either L$1o0 or L$150 each at my stall in Malt!

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